Saturday, February 18, 2012

The Monks - La-do-da-da / I Remember When

No, no not those Monks with the Monk Time and the Higgle-dy Piggle-Dy, though I don't know who these Monks are. They're a garage band, apparently with a member named Steve Schmidt who signed this record and co-wrote the ballad on here I Remember When. I'm doubtful that the Wray with the other half is any sort of Wray we normally get excited over, but really this is mostly a mystery.

Let's start with the rocker, a cover of Dale Hawkins' La-Do-Da-Da with all sorts of fake concert chest-puffing

And then the slower number

I didn't want to put it before you listened so as to taint your listening experience, but there definitely is a slight warp on this. And of course, it's not exactly devoid of surface noise


michael vee said...

...a great double sider; I'd love to know more about these Monks (who are not the infamous US-military-guys stationed in Germany, I guess...)

thx a lot for sharing!

Chris said...

These Monks were a Shreveport group. "Recorded at Custom Sound Studio" -- this studio (aka Sound City) was located at 3316 Line Avenue; some who cut sessions there include: Bobby Patterson, African Music Machine, Reuben Bell, Roscoe Robinson, Family Tree, Ted Taylor, and Eddie Giles.

I really wish I could find a copy of The Monks 45. I've been looking for the last 7 years!

Hunter said...

Awesome, thanks Chris! I had a feeling it might be Louisiana-based, probably from the other 45s it sat near, but I found nothing to support that hunch.

Do you know whether they cut any other records?

Chris said...

Hunter, I don't think The Monks cut any records besides this one.

History Hunter said...

It is my memory at a Monks dance in Mansfield, La in the 1960s that Duane Yates of Boogie Kings fame was singing with The Monks. That may be due some fog in my memory but it was probably 1966-67.

VM said...

I grew up in Shreveport and have this 45. I moved away in June 1967 so it had to come out before that. I don't remember seeing them in person but I loved both sides.