Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Electric Underground - Guitar Explosion

Get ready to FREAK OUT with this collection of mind-melting psychedelic...uh Surf Rock Songs. The titles, the 1967 date, the wording, everything about this suggests full-on-fuzzed guitar trip-outs for the NEW GENERATION but really you get some pretty mediocre covers of surf songs. I don't quite have them all picked out, but to give you the idea "Aerial Flip-Out" is "Rumble" except with less distortion than Link used. Don't make the same $15 mistake I made, there's much more exciting stuff out there that actually makes good on the promise. But if you're curious here it is

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Dumb Post: Woggles 7" at 33RPM

I was going through some 7"s and still had it set at 33 when I put on the Woggles "Carnivore" 7". Quick, make a cover of it and get signed to Voodoo Rhythm. I don't know if it's exactly better; I think this is some of the best work the Woggles ever put out, but it's definitely a blast and Flash Flood sounds real heavy.

The Wwoogggglleesss - Carnivore / Flash Flood

I suppose if you're REALLY looking that hard to pirate Woggles material you can get half a 7" if you download this and adjust the speed. If any Woggles see this and feel like they're getting ripped off, I'm sorry although I think this might fall under fair use. Also you rule.