Saturday, February 18, 2012

The Monks - La-do-da-da / I Remember When

No, no not those Monks with the Monk Time and the Higgle-dy Piggle-Dy, though I don't know who these Monks are. They're a garage band, apparently with a member named Steve Schmidt who signed this record and co-wrote the ballad on here I Remember When. I'm doubtful that the Wray with the other half is any sort of Wray we normally get excited over, but really this is mostly a mystery.

Let's start with the rocker, a cover of Dale Hawkins' La-Do-Da-Da with all sorts of fake concert chest-puffing

And then the slower number

I didn't want to put it before you listened so as to taint your listening experience, but there definitely is a slight warp on this. And of course, it's not exactly devoid of surface noise