Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Bills live on WTUL

So I had one of our two New Orleans surf bands on my radio show this past week (I've had the other one, the Unnaturals, too, but I don't have that recording). If you're not familiar with them, they had a CD with a handful of great, dirty punk-styled surf called Knife in Yer Gut. I'm pretty sure it's floating around on the internet, and I guess that's OK since they're all out of copies of it.

Well this you won't find elsewhere. Ripped straight from my radio show on a vocal mic that clearly wasn't intended for it, this is RAW AS HELL and as fun as it was in the studio. Which is to say very fun, I've seen them a bunch of times and my own little personal performance there was better than any I've seen.

Get it here

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Euclid Records NOLA Opens

UPDATED: Please read the bottom addendum.

Just as one of my first posts on this blog was a review of a new record store in town, I suppose my comeback will start the same way.

Euclid Records is the baby brother of the legendary St. Louis store, a must-visit if you're around there. James and Brian have been selling out of a little shack just a couple of doors down from their new digs and I'll be honest, their selection was OK, not great. It had me a little worried, but naturally I wouldn't say that unless it was followed with a "THANKFULLY I WAS WRONG"

Wait wait, first things first. It's a beautiful store. Pink and yellow on the outside, outrageous even for the bywater, but the inside is even nicer. Crazy textile-wrapped trees spring up from the center banisters, making it some sort of record swamp, and there's a nice corner with a piano, clearly allowing for an in-store performance. The walls feature some sort of lumberjack mural next to some monkeys throwing money, and naturally a bajillion show posters and big-ticket display records. And on the ceiling of the checkout corner, my $5 bill. First customer. High point was coming back from work, flipping through records and thinking about a nice soda. Then looking to my right and spying a vending machine, ready to spit me out a Mug Root Beer. Casually flippin' and sippin', feels good.

But the meat: what are the records like? Jazz is by far the most vast, though seeing that sort of description sometimes scares me; this is not a store solely for jass nuts. Not even close. The funk section can stand toe-to-toe-with-Dominoe Sound, probably a little more plentiful and sprinkled with choice reissues and impressive originals. The rock section is strong, though hardly even. A lot of great 50s twisters, some Bo Diddley originals!, psychedelic reissues... not too huge on the modern stuff, though that's something that may develop over time.

Right in the center of the store are a couple of boxes of 45s. It wasn't huge, but some really nice things in there: John Lee Hookers, Bo Diddleys!, Rene Hall's Twitchy/Flippin, Ventures picture sleeves, and I picked up a Man...or Astroman? among other things.

This is all referring to vinyl. There is a limited used CD selection with the same all-over-the-place diversity that I love about a used CD selection.

Prices... Frustratingly fair. Not "screw this"-and-leave-with-nothing high, but not "ahhh with prices like these I can't stop spending" low like Domino Sound. I rarely thought "this should be lower" --they were right about where they deserved to be. I just wanted them to be cheaper.

Weaknesses? Small world selection, I could see this neighborhood wanting a little more punk (though the Iron Rail takes care of that pretty well)

So what does this come out to? Great start, and the fact that this is 2 blocks away from me has me nearly restless, almost reconsidering moving to mid-city in a few months. Good store in a neighborhood that I could see taking to it well. I'll be recommending it to others for sure.

Euclid has unsurprisingly expanded since I came when it first opened. I was there last night and, it's hard to change your opinion about certain things but, I think Euclid now has the best 45 collection of all record stores in the city. They're not cheap, but they're dense with good stuff, moreso than Jim Russell Records and while nothing will get quite as vast as JRR's collection, it's still pretty plentiful. There's a lot more funk, a lot more R&B and a lot more punk than when they opened, including a lot of modern garage to tickle my fancy, not to mention all sorts of Sundazed and Norton reissues. The things on the wall are really worth drooling over and don't pander to the clueless record buyer. For instance, a Pussy Galore bootleg.

Upon opening my impression of Euclid was pretty strong, and I knew it would be on my short list of recommendations. It's on a much shorter list now, to the point where if you had to visit one record store in the city, either Domino or Euclid will suffice.

Friday, June 25, 2010

New Orleans Record Raid July 24th

UPDATE: I've noticed a couple of google hits to this page. You must be interested in the March 26th Record Raid! I decided not to have this blog mix with my record fairs, but check out the website link below or hit up "Spring Record Raid" on Facebook

I swear I've been meaning to update this blog for a while, but I've been busy with all sorts of things, one of which is another record fair! This time in downtown New Orleans

Check out the facebook event

Or the website

Monday, June 7, 2010


In case you weren't already checking out the vastly superior blog that is TWILIGHTZONE/Rideyourpony or maybe you just hadn't visited recently like me, they aren't letting Bo's deathiversary go unnoticed. They've been posting, as I type this, 23 compilations of music by or inspired by Bo Diddley. I mean goddamn!


Friday, June 4, 2010

George & Lee - Nobody But You \ You Were Made For Me

George & Lee refer to George Davis & Lee Diamond of New Orleans. I've got a 45 of Lee or two, but really why bother? My knowledge on this one is a tiny subset of that imparted on Home of the Groove

These are mid-tempo R&B groovers. Neither of them particularly striking to me, but it's not particularly easy to obtain... not that I remember how I obtained it.

Nobody But You

You Were Made For Me

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Bo Diddley 2 years gone from this earth today

Upon realizing that it was June 2nd, 2 years from Bo Diddley's passing, I scribbled this picture and hopped in my car, making my way towards McComb Mississippi and in two hours (blasting nothing but Bo) I showed up at this post; nobody was there and as far as I know the placement of this marker is arbitrary outside the fact that it's in McComb. But I wanted to pay my respects SOMEWHERE.

And when it was all done I remembered that I had this blog thing (I know, you thought I'd forgotten, right?). I don't think Bo is necessarily the best in rock & roll: but he's one of them and he's my favorite. Why?

  • First and foremost, he taught me to do what you love and do it like you love it. He never said as much as far as I can tell, but it's what I draw from his songs and the way he delivers them. Have Guitar Will Travel I think is the best case in point, with his guitar screaming with the same amount of passion that he does throughout. He's always sincere, partially because he's not writing about anything too complex that he can't believe it or stand by it. Simple messages the he (and I, I guess) can get behind.
  • Perhaps as a result of bulletpoint 1: he's completely original. Yeah yeah, "the originator" and inventor of the Bo Diddley Beat. Forget that, you can identify him with a half second of his guitar sound. Nobody has sounded like Bo Diddley; everybody that tried has failed and nobody can rip him off because it's too obvious (aside from use of the Bo Diddley beat)
  • He appeals to the hacker side of me. I like to screw around with electronics and computers, and here's a musician that builds his own guitars, scooters, and cars.
  • He didn't drink or do drugs. I never have and I'd rather not write that dissertation right here, but it's cool to know that somebody that stood apart so much didn't come up with all through substance assistance.
  • His music sounds so Southern. Even though he grew up mostly in Chicago. Go figure.

There are a lot of people I could say these things about. Dick Dale was sober, original, passionate, Sister Rosetta Tharpe, Ike Turner I could attribute some of these to but the big one

  • Never without his sense of humor. Despite the absurd bragging in his songs, his name is still Bo Diddley, which essentially means nobody. As much as he's singing from the heart, everything he's written is so lighthearted, but rarely a joke (excluding his riffs with Jerome). Oh yeah Frank Zappa incorporates humor... but he strikes me as a free jazz Weird Al. You can hear the smile on all of these and some of the songs are so deliberately stupid, but at the same time I had to agree when my friend called it "serious Rock & Roll". I really can't think of anybody else who managed to not separate their music from their humor in the same way and on such a consistent basis.

These are opinions and poorly evoked at that, but I wanted to write a tribute because in my book nobody will ever approach his little corner of music. He wasn't perfect (just a man amongst men you might say) and he made plenty of mistakes, but in a strange way he's been a spiritual model to me even though I have no real desire to touch an instrument.

So if you've stuck with me this far maybe you can join me in what I do every time I see this album cover. Raise your hand to the monitor, wave, and say "Hey Bo Diddley"

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Electric Underground - Guitar Explosion

Get ready to FREAK OUT with this collection of mind-melting psychedelic...uh Surf Rock Songs. The titles, the 1967 date, the wording, everything about this suggests full-on-fuzzed guitar trip-outs for the NEW GENERATION but really you get some pretty mediocre covers of surf songs. I don't quite have them all picked out, but to give you the idea "Aerial Flip-Out" is "Rumble" except with less distortion than Link used. Don't make the same $15 mistake I made, there's much more exciting stuff out there that actually makes good on the promise. But if you're curious here it is

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Dumb Post: Woggles 7" at 33RPM

I was going through some 7"s and still had it set at 33 when I put on the Woggles "Carnivore" 7". Quick, make a cover of it and get signed to Voodoo Rhythm. I don't know if it's exactly better; I think this is some of the best work the Woggles ever put out, but it's definitely a blast and Flash Flood sounds real heavy.

The Wwoogggglleesss - Carnivore / Flash Flood

I suppose if you're REALLY looking that hard to pirate Woggles material you can get half a 7" if you download this and adjust the speed. If any Woggles see this and feel like they're getting ripped off, I'm sorry although I think this might fall under fair use. Also you rule.

Friday, April 30, 2010

Jazz & Heritage

It's that magical time of year: Jazz Fest has been going since last Friday and I've been going every day taking pictures for WWOZ. I've taken a lot more than these but some highlights that might be of interest to this blog:

Classie Ballou

classie ballou

Grandpa Elliot

has been popular because of some youtube video. He's a New Orleans street artist but his knee slappin' and demeanor was a pretty cool way to open the day

Voices of the Wetlands

was a supergroup of sorts and very well arranged. Check these two favorite characters out

Robert "One String" Gibson

is another New Orleans street artist, but of particular interest because of all the Unitar love I spread on this blog

Campbell Brothers


Lil' buck Senegal


since Mardi Gras Indians are so fun to shoot

Creole Wild West


And some general dancing at the Fais Do-Do Stage

Apologies for the oversaturation, it didn't look that way on my laptop screen.

Let me know if there's anything you want me to catch or want to know if I did catch. You can check out a few others either shot by me or anybody else at

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

George Hudson DOUBLE DAMAGE - It's Twistin' Time / Dance Time

I'd been meaning to upload it's Twistin' Time for a little while so when I pulled out my thrift store purchase of Al Green's "Let's Stay Together" and found George Hudson's "Dance Time" instead  (UGH, ROOKIE MISTAKE) I figured it was a sign that this must be posted.

That's not to suggest it's exactly mindblowing. These are twist records number a-billion and a-billion and one and though plenty of fun and worth it if you want another two twist records, there's not too much to make them stand out. Dance Time is the better record of the two, with a better swing and more exciting recording sound. However, if it's your thing It's Twistin' Time has a couple of pretty good organ-fueled instrumentals, where Dance Time only has one bluesy one. A whole lot of covers on these... and plenty off rip-off-might-as-well-be-covers. But who really cares?

Who is George Hudson anyway? I've been trying to get to the bottom of this and been kind of confused with what I've dug up. One site claims that his "Kings of Twist" are a supergroup including Hank Ballard, Jack Hammer, Chubby Checker and Joey Dee. If ze means that literally I don't know where that info's coming from and it seems way too sonically consistent for that to be the case. One site has said that he was a New York DJ and most of the singers, including Hoagy Lands, were uncredited.

I've even had a little trouble finding the cover for Dance Time because mine looked like this 

Ugh, you got me this time, Al

Anyway, here's the full track list of these two albums

It's Twistin' Time (Capitol T-1578)

A Side:

  1. It's Twistin' Time
  2. Blueberry Hill
  3. Baby Face
  4. Lazy River
  5. Little Twister
  6. The Railroad Twist

B Side:

  1. Kansas City
  2. Doodlin' Twist
  3. The Twist
  4. My Blue Heaven
  5. A Little Bit 'o Soap
  6. I'd've Baked a Cake

Dance Time (1962 Capitol ST-1697)

A Side:

  1. The Peppermint Twist
  2. Shimmy Shimmy Walk
  3. Do the Bug
  4. Come on An' Slop
  5. Do the New Continental
  6. Bronx Stomp

B Side:

  1. I'm Popeye the Sailor Man
  2. (Do the) Mashed Potatoes
  3. The Roach
  4. Do the Limbo
  5. Gonna Twist Along Without Ya Now
  6. Hully Gully Firehouse

These are zipped together here

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Sunil Ganguly - Swinging Hits

I'd reckon over the past year I've probably played more off of Sublime Frequency's Bollywood Steel Guitar Compilation over the radio than anything else, with a possible exception of the extremely similar Sound of Wonder. But I never really followed up on any of those artists because I figured chances of coming across their works were pretty slim. New Orleans' Domino Sound Record Shack strikes again, with this artist featured on Bollywood Steel Guitar! And it was so cheap too (cover's pretty beat up I guess (and looks like a half-assed attempt at a Boston album)). 

It's not exactly tough to figure out what a surf enthusiast would enjoy about an album like this, but that's hardly to suggest that their similar. Ganguly actually plays a Hawaiian steel guitar, and a lot of this is a lot more relaxed than most surf, though a little more exciting than your average 50's Hawaiian album. Some of these are funky, some of these are really weird. The real paragon of everything that makes this great is the sixth track, Hari Om Hari, featuring frantic drums, wild steel guitar and punctuated by goofy electronic effects.

If you want to know more about Sunil Ganguly he's really not that obscure, wikipedia page and everything. There are a few MP3 downloads of his other work, a few blogs mentioning him, but as far as I could tell know way to hear this album. And man, you should, I'd post a ton of this sort of stuff if I had any idea where to find it. This one, you can find here

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Frankie Freeman - Born To Raise Hell \ This Old Shack

When I showed this to my friend Ben he asked "have you listened to it? It looks too good to be true". I know what he means, and I think back to 45s I bought on a gut like "Hell Yes I Cheated" by the Virginia Dare Gang on Dare Records (maybe I'm mixing two records up in my head). That sounds bad-ass! But it ended up being mopey over-twangy country

Well, it's not as 100% funky as hoped, but it's about 80% there. Totally intending to be funky with all the attitude you'd expect from a label called Ghetto, it's just not guaranteed to set the dance floor on fire. But I don't want to undersell it either: it very well could

I don't know anything about any part of this 45 and searches for "Ghetto Records" really don't help. As always, info appreciated

Born To Raise Hell

This Old Shack

Friday, April 16, 2010

Lee Allen and his Band - Down on Bourbon Street

Lee Allen was a huge part of the New Orleans sound during the R&B era and backed up an absurd amount of new Orleans big names on his saxophone, and this is a sample of his instrumental outing. You can read about it all down there on the back cover or anywhere really, I just said that in case blog links wanted a blurb of this post. 

I was looking for this for a while, mainly because I loved my 45 of Cat Walk/Creole Alley and had to find the LP it was put out on. Not to mention the outrageous cover, with a tasseled stripper clearly pasted on to make this look CRAZIER. As I expected, this isn't a proper full-length and was made well after the fact, what I didn't really realize after when I bought it was that almost all of these songs were on his main LP "Walkin' With Mr. Lee". So what's the point? Cat Walk/Creole Alley are in my opinion his best two songs, it has a CRAZY cover, and a much fatter (and in this case scratchier) recording than my CD copy of Walkin' With Mr. Lee, which seems to have all the fun sucked out of it. And I suppose if I post it up here, the rest of y'all won't drop $40 on this just to hear the difference. Purchasing music is good, go buy the actually available Walking With Mr Lee. In fact, do it tomorrow on Record Store Day.

If you've never heard any of this instrumental stuff, I'll give you a warning. Some of this can get very laid-back. If you want some jumpers, just follow the track titles. If it sounds jumpin' it probably is. When he's good though, I think he's one of the great examples of how the saxophone was once king in Rock & Roll, a fact now forgotten.

Go ahead and give it a spin

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Snake Charmers - Gorgon EP

I can't show you the real cover of this 7", but I know I'm not the only one that sees a barebreasted human female on a cover and thinks "this is probably pretty good". Don't worry, it's included with the songs. This is a simple 7" of a trashy rock & roll band with one instrumental ("Drag").  Joe Truck has been in a couple of bands such as Chop Shop and Scarecrow and the late Paul Morden has been in The Brickbats and The Memphis Morticians. 

Outstanding EP? Maybe not, but I've been digging the bands I just mentioned and I never mind a little pornography

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Storm Surge of Reverb: Surf Radio Show has moved timeslots

Apparently the citizens like the weekly shock therapy that is my radio show, so we're moving to Mondays from 4-6PM CST. You can stream it at

If you want to check out playlists I'll be posting them at surfguitar101 here

and also making updates to this facebook fanpage

I think in the past I've posted links to where I sometimes put archived shows. I think I'll keep dumping them there

Monday, April 5, 2010

Aki Aleong and his Teen Twenty - C'Mon Let's Dance

The Black Sea Surfer just posted Aki Aleong's excellent 1963 surf album which pushed me to get this up here. I bought it intrigued by the monster surf instro "Body Surf" but is there more to him than that? Just look at the guy in the picture down there (and the blurb) of course there is! He looks so happy to put this album out! This 1962 album is full of dance scorchers at a high energy level. Just listen to that yell introducing "Mashed Potatoes". It makes me wanna do it! New Orleanians, dig the cover of Eddie Bo's "Popeye". There's some great instrumentals too, including "The Fly" and "Pony-Time". Seriously, this is one of the more fun twistin' albums I own. And you would hope so if he really has a 20 piece band backing him up (no, it doesn't sound that way). Then again if they're all teenagers who knows.

Go ahead and twist

Saturday, April 3, 2010

The Deuce Coupes - The Shut Downs

I've got to be completing my Crown Records collection by now. This is the same gist: a few instrumentals amongst some pretty good vocal tracks, backed by Jerry Cole and a whole lot of engine sounds. I can't say that any of these really stand out to me, but it's still a solid enough album. I know y'all go nuts for anything surf or drag related anyway, so it's not like anything I say about it really matters. Here, see what Pipeline magazine has to say:

For the “Shut Downs” album I was already pretty aware how it was going to sound before the needle touched down into the grooves, having previously heard to rest of the Crown hot-rod releases – and I wasn’t wrong ! Acclaimed studio sessionman Jerry Cole was once again the uncredited main force behind the long-player and his distinct single-layer vocals, coupled with his rhythmic guitar and an accompanying sax, are the most noticeable factors in all of the label’s auto releases – and in fact, such is the similarity between each offering that I’m sure many of the melodies are simply adapted and re-used accordingly (it’s just that I haven’t worked out which ones they are yet …). Yes, they sound under-produced and fairly basic … but each release does manage to stick one or two tunes in the memory bank and they’re all worth a listen – but not one after the after for sanity’s sake.
In the instance of this particular album it’s the opening number, “With My Baby”, that gets the feet tapping and makes you wonder where on earth you've heard it before (answer - Cole rewrote it and included again on the later album by the Winners - see elsewhere) whilst the subsequent track has Cole clearly thinking in Dick-Dale-mode … and that’s not a bad thing …

By the way, this is not to be confused with the Del-Fi records Deuce Coupes. In fact, I'm not entirely sure whether the artist here is The Deuce Coupes or the Shut Downs.

Anyway here's a link to it and a tracklist

Side A

  1. With My Baby
  2. 36 Window Coupe
  3. Two Fast Cars
  4. Starters Nightmare (instrumental)
  5. Oil on the Track

Side B

  1. Body By Fisher
  2. Turn Her On Buddy
  3. Goin, Goin, Gone (instrumental)
  4. Goggles Got A Hole In It
  5. Deuce Coupes

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Pete Kogos & The Counts

For somebody so in love with his city I realize I don't post much New Orleans R&B. Well, that's because other people have taken care of that for me pretty thoroughly. However, I haven't seen this one around, and can't tell you much about it either, other than that the A-Side is far and away the less exciting side. 

Love Me Again

Love You Like I Do

Thursday, March 18, 2010

RRHHWW and RockIsDeadRIP have both proclaimed their fandom of Billy Mure before, though I suspect we both feel that way for his abilities as a guitarist. Well here's the other side. This album cover and album title both give it away: this is mostly a spage-aged pop record, inventing music from other lands based on silly stereotypes, with little bad-ass rock & roll to be found.

In fact, I've saved you the trouble: this one track In A Persian Market sounds to me like Stereophonic Space Sound Unlimited decades before their time

For the type of music it is, it's pretty good, but I'm posting this here more for Billy Mure completion than to knock you internet folks out. So if you're curious, check it out

Monday, March 15, 2010

Two 45s by The Gallants

Everything I know about this instrumental group is right there on the 45: On a major label, produced by the monster David Axelrod and arranged by HB Barnum. What I mean is we've got H.O.T.S.H.O.T.S. on these, and you can hear them on it too.

The Man From UNCLE (written by Jerry Goldsmith)

The Vagabond (written by HB Barnum)

Von Ryan March (written by Jerry Goldsmith)

The Searcher (written by David Axelrod)

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Euclid Records is opening a second storefront in New Orleans

Yep, you heard me. This one is more focused on second hand than the St. Louis location (one of the best record stores I've been to) and located in the bywater.

Check it out

This was found out because they're previewing some of the goods at my record fair (see below!)

Friday, February 26, 2010


The November WTUL Record Fair was a success for just about everybody involved, so we're doing it again, bigger and better on March 20th. So far we're looking at about 20 vendors with room to expand (If you'd like to be among them, my e-mail is hunterking ot Tables are CHEAP!) We'll have old 45s, tapes, punk 7"s abound, turntables, CDs, you name it. "Admission" is free and open to anyone.

The location has changed SLIGHTLY. Still on Tulane's campus, but now next to part of their student center

(ignore the loading dock nonsense and coloring. Yes there will be signs)

Facebook event here

Monday, February 22, 2010

Dean Hightower - Twangy With A Beat

While I suppose the word "Twang" has deep love in the country music realm, I immediately think of Duane Eddy, and in general it seems to me that Duane's the aim right here. But they miss the mark, really, and fall more towards a Chet Atkins sound meets George Barnes. In fact, the more active songs on here are all written by George Barnes, though they all fall into the same "am I having fun or listening to the guitar player have fun?" traps that songs under the George Barnes name tend toward.

I'm not really sure what they're talking about with the "with a beat". I mean, this isn't free jazz here, but the whole thing proceeds at a mid-paced mosey; it's much more of a hang-out than a freak-out album. Still, if you're down for hangin' out, it's a pretty decent album.

Go ahead and get it right here

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Tulio Enrique Leon - Desde La Argentina

There is no good reason for this to be on a rock & roll blog. I think the Gospel that post often has rock & roll spirit, this does not. The closest rock & roll parallel I can think of is Chicha Libre/Roots of Chicha Compilation, but that's a stretch. This is, as a friend of mine puts it "scrabble music". It's calm and soothing but still begs you to do a little dancing. I'm putting this up here because it flat-out owns and I can't seem to keep it on my shelf.

This translated wikipedia page seems to say that the poor Venezuelan guy went blind and the doctor suggested a piano. But he was all about the electric sounds of the organ. There's probably more info to gleam off the blurb below... if you speak Spanish. But I'm content enough with the pictures of him: fat, happy blind guy just screams "I'm gonna play some cool organ".

And here it is

Monday, February 8, 2010


Spent last night celebrating "Lombardi Gras". Last night was nothing short of an identity change for New Orleans and I will never give that many high-fives again in my life. To New Orleans and everybody that makes it great, I love you and I hope I never have to leave.

Brandonio, this one's for you. I know you love Colts so here's one of my favorite 45s (pun not intended but pretty cool). Brought to you by the Hillbilly Bears on Hannah Barbera Records

I've Got a Pony

Believe it or not, I think a lot of us think it's time to take our "Who Dat" chants and put it on its shelf so we can dust it off for next season. Don't want to break it now, we're going to need it then. So one more good one for the internet


Sunday, February 7, 2010



OK real blog later

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Chaucer Records Single... WHO DAT

Here's a new low for information about a record I upload: I don't even know the band's name. The performers are listed on that 45 there and they either went to or have some affiliation with John Curtis High School in 1978. So I'll give you these nice psychedelic/piano oriented rock songs and BE ON MY WAY TO VOTE AND SHOUT WHO DAT ALL DAY LONG


I've Waited So Long





Thursday, February 4, 2010

The Sneakers - Whatcha Gonna Do \ I'm Goin' Back

The Sneakers play pretty straightforward frattish rock & roll... which is actually somewhat rare amidst an R&B and Funk&Soul capitol. I can't tell you much beyond what you can draw from that 45 picture and these two songs, but I'd love to find out more. I like I'm Goin' Back a little more

Whatcha Gonna Do

I'm Goin' Back

Monday, February 1, 2010

No-Fi: A Live Documentation of New Orleans Surf, Punk, and Garage

As a record collector I often tell people that surf didn't really hit New Orleans. That's not entirely true, but like everything else in this city, it happened way later. The Royal Pendletons are probably are longest lasting name to spring out of that (though more of a garage band than a surf band), but this compilation is a great example of a bunch of other bands that, aside from my beloved Famous Monsters, I probably wouldn't have known existed otherwise (I was in middle school or so).

Since then there have been other instro bands: off the top of my head there's currently the Bills, Unnaturals, and before those Spring Break Shark Attack (from Baton Rouge), Paradise Vendors sorta, and (soon to be reformed) The Sophisticats.

Backside for tracklisting:

And the benefit of ripping a copy from your radio station: Reviewer notes

And here ya go

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Fifty Golden Voices on Booker Records

If there's an easy route to New Orleans gospel collecting it's "if you see Booker Records grab it grab it grab it". Sometimes there's a hidden Charlie Jackson guitar in the background or another wonderful surprise and they can sell for who knows how much. Well, pretty sure there's no Charlie Jackson guitar on this one, and the recording's as lo-fi as Booker Records was ever known for.... especially my copy. If you think that cover looks beat up, I have the other side in the zip file: I don't know what two of the titles are.

I think for a lot of this you've got to be a pretty big gospel fan, but the last two tracks are pretty fun, so I'd say go for these and check out the full thing if you really want to.

Wasn't That A Mighty Day

I Am A Pilgrim

and of course, the full thing

Monday, January 25, 2010

It's ON: Starting with my radio show last night

In case y'all didn't hear, my hometown won the NFC championship last night, launching us into an impromptu Mardi Gras. For a lot of us, we never thought a black & gold superbowl could or would happen.

So I've changed colors accordingly (perhaps a little gaudier than before) and I'm declaring a rivalry between this blog and Colt-loving Brandonio's RockIsDead RIP. Sure it's brought me a lot of hits and normally I'd say it's an excellent blog and probably the next one you should go to after this one, but I'm afraid we can't be friends*. I don't really know what this rivalry means, I'm pretty sure he gets way more hits than I do (deservedly so, he posts good stuff and way more often than I do), but I'll wield the one weapon I have: my hometown: New Orleans is unparalleled in its rock & roll, etc, history so until the Superbowl I'm going to try to stick in that mode.

So since this was some dumb idea I cooked up as I rolled out of bed today, I'll post something from my other little creative endeavor that I usually keep separate from this blog. I do a weekly surf & instrumental radio show on WTUL 91.5FM and yesterday I was doing that from 4PM-6PM, right through the 5:40 kickoff. I think it was one of my better shows and undoubtedly one of the ones where I was getting more worked up, so here ya go

Storm Surge of Reverb NFC Championship Edition (really big so you might wanna right click, save as)

*just as I declared this rivalry into existence, I will declare it immediately over after the Superbowl... WHEN WE WIN. But we can be friends again then

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Dragsters - Hey Little Cobra + Drag City

And so here we have another surf/drag "budget" album, this time on Mercury Wing instead of Crown, which means possibly Davie Allan and/or Mike Curb involved rather than Jerry Cole. But the story's the same: the vocal tracks are throwaways, and the instrumentals are actually pretty great, particularly the two on side B.

For once allmusic is a little helpful on this one though mostly saying the same thing as alla this

Side A

  1. Hey Little Cobra
  2. Drag Strip
  3. Ferrarri II
  4. Go Little Tiger
  5. Jag XKE

Side B

  1. Drag City
  2. Super Charger
  3. Crazy Cobra
  4. Hot Rod Queen
  5. Sting Ray

Here it is. DO IT