Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Bills live on WTUL

So I had one of our two New Orleans surf bands on my radio show this past week (I've had the other one, the Unnaturals, too, but I don't have that recording). If you're not familiar with them, they had a CD with a handful of great, dirty punk-styled surf called Knife in Yer Gut. I'm pretty sure it's floating around on the internet, and I guess that's OK since they're all out of copies of it.

Well this you won't find elsewhere. Ripped straight from my radio show on a vocal mic that clearly wasn't intended for it, this is RAW AS HELL and as fun as it was in the studio. Which is to say very fun, I've seen them a bunch of times and my own little personal performance there was better than any I've seen.

Get it here