Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The Moonrays - It's Love Baby / What's Your Name

This is a pretty good lil' 45 that got buried in my collection and retrieved when I was looking for the Moonglows. Don't know anything about it's backstory, but I pick up a bit of a Link Wray influence on both.

It's Love Baby is rockin' love tune with a stompin' pace to it.

What's Your Name has the same gist, but an instrumental with louder raspy guitar. Gotta love the pounding drums

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Surfin' on Wave Nine (Comp on King)

A friend picked this compilation up for me for a buck at a record fair and it was well worth it! I was pretty curious given that you rarely find any surf on King (though the classic Car Hop by the Exports was) and most of what we have here are pretty obscure as well. In fact, I can't find a mention of The Nutrons anywhere else. Despite that, it's certainly got some surfy tunes, such as The Tramps' Maharadja and the inclusions by the Vice Roys. A lot of the tracks are supplied by the more titty-shakin' Nutrons, all of which are pretty fun. A standout to me is The Wobble by the Wobblers, featuring goofy bubble sounds over a fun R&B twister. Looks like it's off a James Brown LP?