Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Fifty Golden Voices on Booker Records

If there's an easy route to New Orleans gospel collecting it's "if you see Booker Records grab it grab it grab it". Sometimes there's a hidden Charlie Jackson guitar in the background or another wonderful surprise and they can sell for who knows how much. Well, pretty sure there's no Charlie Jackson guitar on this one, and the recording's as lo-fi as Booker Records was ever known for.... especially my copy. If you think that cover looks beat up, I have the other side in the zip file: I don't know what two of the titles are.

I think for a lot of this you've got to be a pretty big gospel fan, but the last two tracks are pretty fun, so I'd say go for these and check out the full thing if you really want to.

Wasn't That A Mighty Day

I Am A Pilgrim

and of course, the full thing

Monday, January 25, 2010

It's ON: Starting with my radio show last night

In case y'all didn't hear, my hometown won the NFC championship last night, launching us into an impromptu Mardi Gras. For a lot of us, we never thought a black & gold superbowl could or would happen.

So I've changed colors accordingly (perhaps a little gaudier than before) and I'm declaring a rivalry between this blog and Colt-loving Brandonio's RockIsDead RIP. Sure it's brought me a lot of hits and normally I'd say it's an excellent blog and probably the next one you should go to after this one, but I'm afraid we can't be friends*. I don't really know what this rivalry means, I'm pretty sure he gets way more hits than I do (deservedly so, he posts good stuff and way more often than I do), but I'll wield the one weapon I have: my hometown: New Orleans is unparalleled in its rock & roll, etc, history so until the Superbowl I'm going to try to stick in that mode.

So since this was some dumb idea I cooked up as I rolled out of bed today, I'll post something from my other little creative endeavor that I usually keep separate from this blog. I do a weekly surf & instrumental radio show on WTUL 91.5FM and yesterday I was doing that from 4PM-6PM, right through the 5:40 kickoff. I think it was one of my better shows and undoubtedly one of the ones where I was getting more worked up, so here ya go

Storm Surge of Reverb NFC Championship Edition (really big so you might wanna right click, save as)

*just as I declared this rivalry into existence, I will declare it immediately over after the Superbowl... WHEN WE WIN. But we can be friends again then

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Dragsters - Hey Little Cobra + Drag City

And so here we have another surf/drag "budget" album, this time on Mercury Wing instead of Crown, which means possibly Davie Allan and/or Mike Curb involved rather than Jerry Cole. But the story's the same: the vocal tracks are throwaways, and the instrumentals are actually pretty great, particularly the two on side B.

For once allmusic is a little helpful on this one though mostly saying the same thing as alla this

Side A

  1. Hey Little Cobra
  2. Drag Strip
  3. Ferrarri II
  4. Go Little Tiger
  5. Jag XKE

Side B

  1. Drag City
  2. Super Charger
  3. Crazy Cobra
  4. Hot Rod Queen
  5. Sting Ray

Here it is. DO IT

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Learn to dance while I nurse my server back to health

Welp, looks like my hard drive crashed, so almost all the 45s will be down while I figure out what to do.

In the meantime, somebody on flickr posted some hints out how to do THE FRUG and all sorts of other dances. These never work as well as watching it being done, but this is the closest thing I've found