Friday, February 26, 2010


The November WTUL Record Fair was a success for just about everybody involved, so we're doing it again, bigger and better on March 20th. So far we're looking at about 20 vendors with room to expand (If you'd like to be among them, my e-mail is hunterking ot Tables are CHEAP!) We'll have old 45s, tapes, punk 7"s abound, turntables, CDs, you name it. "Admission" is free and open to anyone.

The location has changed SLIGHTLY. Still on Tulane's campus, but now next to part of their student center

(ignore the loading dock nonsense and coloring. Yes there will be signs)

Facebook event here

Monday, February 22, 2010

Dean Hightower - Twangy With A Beat

While I suppose the word "Twang" has deep love in the country music realm, I immediately think of Duane Eddy, and in general it seems to me that Duane's the aim right here. But they miss the mark, really, and fall more towards a Chet Atkins sound meets George Barnes. In fact, the more active songs on here are all written by George Barnes, though they all fall into the same "am I having fun or listening to the guitar player have fun?" traps that songs under the George Barnes name tend toward.

I'm not really sure what they're talking about with the "with a beat". I mean, this isn't free jazz here, but the whole thing proceeds at a mid-paced mosey; it's much more of a hang-out than a freak-out album. Still, if you're down for hangin' out, it's a pretty decent album.

Go ahead and get it right here

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Tulio Enrique Leon - Desde La Argentina

There is no good reason for this to be on a rock & roll blog. I think the Gospel that post often has rock & roll spirit, this does not. The closest rock & roll parallel I can think of is Chicha Libre/Roots of Chicha Compilation, but that's a stretch. This is, as a friend of mine puts it "scrabble music". It's calm and soothing but still begs you to do a little dancing. I'm putting this up here because it flat-out owns and I can't seem to keep it on my shelf.

This translated wikipedia page seems to say that the poor Venezuelan guy went blind and the doctor suggested a piano. But he was all about the electric sounds of the organ. There's probably more info to gleam off the blurb below... if you speak Spanish. But I'm content enough with the pictures of him: fat, happy blind guy just screams "I'm gonna play some cool organ".

And here it is

Monday, February 8, 2010


Spent last night celebrating "Lombardi Gras". Last night was nothing short of an identity change for New Orleans and I will never give that many high-fives again in my life. To New Orleans and everybody that makes it great, I love you and I hope I never have to leave.

Brandonio, this one's for you. I know you love Colts so here's one of my favorite 45s (pun not intended but pretty cool). Brought to you by the Hillbilly Bears on Hannah Barbera Records

I've Got a Pony

Believe it or not, I think a lot of us think it's time to take our "Who Dat" chants and put it on its shelf so we can dust it off for next season. Don't want to break it now, we're going to need it then. So one more good one for the internet


Sunday, February 7, 2010



OK real blog later

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Chaucer Records Single... WHO DAT

Here's a new low for information about a record I upload: I don't even know the band's name. The performers are listed on that 45 there and they either went to or have some affiliation with John Curtis High School in 1978. So I'll give you these nice psychedelic/piano oriented rock songs and BE ON MY WAY TO VOTE AND SHOUT WHO DAT ALL DAY LONG


I've Waited So Long





Thursday, February 4, 2010

The Sneakers - Whatcha Gonna Do \ I'm Goin' Back

The Sneakers play pretty straightforward frattish rock & roll... which is actually somewhat rare amidst an R&B and Funk&Soul capitol. I can't tell you much beyond what you can draw from that 45 picture and these two songs, but I'd love to find out more. I like I'm Goin' Back a little more

Whatcha Gonna Do

I'm Goin' Back

Monday, February 1, 2010

No-Fi: A Live Documentation of New Orleans Surf, Punk, and Garage

As a record collector I often tell people that surf didn't really hit New Orleans. That's not entirely true, but like everything else in this city, it happened way later. The Royal Pendletons are probably are longest lasting name to spring out of that (though more of a garage band than a surf band), but this compilation is a great example of a bunch of other bands that, aside from my beloved Famous Monsters, I probably wouldn't have known existed otherwise (I was in middle school or so).

Since then there have been other instro bands: off the top of my head there's currently the Bills, Unnaturals, and before those Spring Break Shark Attack (from Baton Rouge), Paradise Vendors sorta, and (soon to be reformed) The Sophisticats.

Backside for tracklisting:

And the benefit of ripping a copy from your radio station: Reviewer notes

And here ya go