Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Dave and the Orbits - Chili Beans / Cheetah's Uncle

This has been one of my favorite weirdo instrumental discs for a few months now. Cheetah's Uncle (no idea where THAT title comes from) is a flanged-out stomper that grabs you on the first note. Chili Beans is a bit reminiscent of Johnny & the Hurricanes' Sheba -- likely no coincidence as D. Yorko here is none other than Dave Yorko of the same band (source)

Chili Beans

Cheetah's Uncle

Sunday, April 7, 2013

The Jolly Jacks - Rock the House / There's Something On Your Mind

I'll admit to enjoying the jive-talking records like Effie Smith and Andre Williams, and this has a lot in common with the "Black Godfather's" material. I vastly prefer Rock the House, an organ groover with a similar vibe to "Pass the Hatchet". I've never been a fan of Big Jay McNeely's "There is Something On Your Mind" nor its multitude of cover versions and this is no exception. Didn't find much information on this one other than a date of 1965 and that it was a bit of regional hit in Baltimore.

Rock the House

There is Something on Your Mind