Thursday, May 28, 2009

SSOR today

Surf & Instrumental Rock & Roll



here's the playlist

The The Astonettes - Space Party
Jerry Cole Martian Surf
Los Coronas - Last Wave
Ramblin' Ambassadors - Cabbage Diablo
MOAM - Joker's Wild

Johnny Devlin - Devils Rock
Herma Keil & The Keil Isles - Monkey Stomp
Bari & the Breakaways -Guitar Boogie
Avengers VI - Slaughter on 10th Ave.
Dave Myers & The Surftones - King's Surf
The Imps - That'll Get It

The Dynatones - Beneath the Surface
Ghastly Ones - Los Campiones Del Justicio
Beat Tornados - Kreml de la Kreml
The Buddies - Ski Jump
Ready Men - Disintegration (Get Ready!!)
Introducers - If I had Wheels

Crime - Instrumental Instrumental
Stef & Arno - Jesus Demoniaco
Coffin Daggers - Seduction of the innocent
Robert Johnson and the Punchdrunks - Blade Runner
Supertones - Surf Fever 2000
Surf Coasters - Chasing Shadows

Stereophonic Space Sound Unlimited - Space Mission Number 12 (Lost TV Themes)
Surfites - Escapades in Space - Around the Galaxy
Tornados - Stompin' Through the Rye
Space Walkers - Tecumseh
Destination Earth - Space Cowboy Party Theme
Spacemen - Echoigo Jishi

Piltdown Men - Gargantua
Phantom Surfers - Lancelot Link Wray
Revels - Soft Top
The Haircuts\The Impossibles - Liverpool Stomp
The Chandelles - El Gato
The Shadows - Flyin' High

Untamed Youth - The Hearse (Untamed Melodies)
The Windows -Ali Baba
The Atlantics - Whitewash
The Fathoms - Riptide
The Manatees Dale's dick
Surf Sluts - The Rattler
Retrofuguetes - As Criaturas Enjauladas Do Circo Espacial De Moscou
Madeira - Undercurrents

Sandals - Theme From Endless Summer
Surfpatrouille - It's Not Unusual

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Go Go With The Buddies

What's this? Rock & Roll Hoo-Ha What What updated?
And it's an LP?
And it's not another budget album of trash?

As the book Pop Surf Culture point out, this album was a budget-priced cash-in on the surf craze (wasn't it all a cash-in?) and it even tries to catch a few more crazes with songs about skiing, hot-rods, and motorcycles. The thing is, it actually doesn't suck at all!

I must have bought this album years ago and likely heard a trace of vocals, instantly puked all over the place, and never returned until this past week when I was contemplating whether to include it in my upcoming garage sale. Now that I'm not such a big baby, I sat through those vocals and to be honest, really kind of enjoyed them. In particular "I'll Surf Around the World", where the vocalist vastly underestimates the amount of surfer girls in the world and pledges to surf with them, and "Sickle Rider's Rule" which stands as a Smithsonian example of surf lingo overused to a comic effect.

But really, I'm holding back on the killer part: Davie Allan provides the backing tunage and the album includes some sizzling skateboarding-themed instrumentals such as "Sidewalk Surfin' Scene" and "Skateboard U.S.A.", which was covered by the Krontjong Devils on their "On Tour!!!" album.

Krontjong Devils - Skateboard USA

I have to hand it to the producer Mike Curb too -  Ski Jump is an instrumental with songwriting credits going solely to him and it's just as good. Really, it's a seriously good album and none of the songs are bad. It even made me go and give my Fantastic Baggys album another try. Puked everywhere.

Side A:

  1. Little Iddy Biddy Buddy Rider
  2. Skateboard USA
  3. I'll Surf Around the World
  4. Ski Jump
  5. Wanda On Her Honda

Side B:

  1. Ski City USA
  2. Sickle Rider's Rule
  3. Sidewalk Surfin' Scene
  4. The Surf Is In
  5. Mean Little Monza


Thursday, May 21, 2009


I wish that weren't so busy that I could squeeze some good music posts in between radio posts. But that's not the case so in the meantime check out @ noon for some blistering instro

post show playlist:

El Ray - Volcano
THe Sentinals - Surf 'n Soul
The Sidemen - Persuaders
The Bambi Molesters - Beach Murder Mystery
The Bahareebas - Dunewalking

Al Casey - Surfin' Blue
Treblemakers - The Hearse
Lord Limey 'n the Yanks
Mysterious Tape Man - Track 1 (meant to play Asteroid. Whoops!)
Gnee Walker & His Combo - Empire City
Dave Myers & THe Surf Tones - Church Key

Tremolo Beer Gut - Last Booze Fighter
Galaxy Trio - Strip Search
Jerry Cole - Stinger
Richie Allen - Put It On
Earthworms - Fishtail
Jan & Dean - Barons, West LA
Jim Waller & The Deltas - Surfin' Wild

Johnny Thunders - Pipeline
Jonny & the Shamen - Agent 13
Royal Pendletons - Cross Firing
Gallon Drunk - Get Ready (another whoops)

Bo Diddley - Scuttle Bug
Ernie Freeman - Puddin'
Ernie Fields - In The Mood
The Bikinis - Boogie Rock & Roll
The Yellow Jackets - Chickee Town Rock

Mach Kung Fu - Fever
The Fleshtones - One Four Five
The Tiki Men - Theme From the Unknown
THe Blue Demons - East Bay
Urban Surf Kings - Snow Plow
The Volcanos - War Drums

The Atomic Mosquitos - The Liquidators
Impala - Jet Action Brunette
Swiv-o-Matics - She Dances On Bars
Switch Trout - Searchin' For My Boots
Atomic 7 - Theme From Atomic 7
The Ramblin' Ambassadors - Kamikaze

Dick Dale - Peppermint Man
Spring Break Shark Attack - Blood Ocean
Surf Teens - Surfin' Tragedy
The Shadows - Frightened City

Stories in Sound - Space Battle

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

SSOR Tomorrow at NOON EST

So my surf show is now at a listenable time and, for the summer, a half-hour longer. In fact, I'm going to be DJing for the hour preceding SSOR, but I don't think anybody wants to listen to 3 hours of surf any more than I want to DJ it.

That's Thursday, May 14th at Noon CST @ As always, playlist will follow broadcast

Apemen - Shake Your Hoover
Preston Epps - Bongo Rock
The Tiki Men - That's The Way It Goes
Mustangs - Dartell Stomp
Virg, Murf & Prof - Way Out
Ernie Freeman - Raunchy

The Revels - Comanche
The Bikinis - Bikini
Lee Allen - Cat Walk
Irving Ashby - Big Guitar
Baby Cortez - Getting Right

Jorgen Ingmann - Apache
Guitar Gable -Guitar Rhumbo
Classie Ballou - Classie's Whip
The Dynatones - Steel Guitar Rag
Flat Duo Jets - Dexter's Lament
Teisco Del Rey - Camel Walk
Freddie King - Heads Up
The - Green Onions
Lonnie Mack - Wham!
Chuck Berry - Berry Pickin'
Tom & Jerry - Rumble
(a break somewhere in there)

Jerry Cole & His Spacemen - Power Surf
The Chantays - Pipeline
Jon & the Nightriders - Depth Charge
The Busters - Bust Out... at 33rpm

The Busters - Bust Out at 45
Richie Allen & The Pacific Sufers - Surfer's Delight
The Super Stocks - Rendondo Beach
Urban Surf Kings - Moguls
The Lively Ones - Surf Rider

The Pyramids - Penetration
The Halibuts - Surf Drums
MOAM - Static Ding
The Volcanos - Pompeii
Ramblin' Ambassadors - Frank Slide Song
Switch Trout - COLAL

Barbwires - Thor Island Thunder
The Bills - ?
The New Dimensions - Misirlou
The Royaltones - Royal Whip
Los Straitjackets - My Heart Will Go ON

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

I found some more Jack Hammer

Jack Hammer, the Louisiana native that split to Belgium to make some of the most outrageous twisting records in existence, is probably THEE artist that makes me catch my breath when I come across an album (all two times that's happened). So I did something I don't normally do and hit ebay for an EP. Recorded in Belgium and pressed in Israel, shipping from Israel. So I thought I would rip it for you guys butttttt

apparently there's a little bit more of our boy Jack on the internet since I'd done a good thorough search. I'd seen a few false links, but this one came through and, unfortunately for my slow blog, appears to have all the songs on this EP plus many more.

I don't really mind, the truth is I love owning this EP and I'm thrilled to hear even more songs detailing extreme measures one undergoes in the name of twisting. So I thought I'd give y'all a hand and link to it.

I also came across a few more details but have since lost it. I'll post them here when I find them.

And here's my last post about Mr. Hammer