Monday, July 21, 2008


Well, I meant to make this post BEFORE I went off an saw them, but they're worth an entry. I caught NOMO at the Republic and loved it.

It's whiteboy afrobeat. Great rhythms and bass grooves, a healthy amount of brass with a big loud baritone sax and a very sparing amount of guitar. But if it were simply Fela Kuti covers...uh... well I guess that would still be pretty fun but they bring their own Ann Arbor hippie style to it with synthesizers and other "atmospherics" and the occaisional grab bag thing like having three members (they were a six-piece last night) play conch shells at once. If it sounds goofy, overdone or whatever, it's really not. They have the sort of modest stripped-down showmanship I've always appreciated from bands like The Black Keys or The Pixies.


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