Thursday, December 4, 2008

Tone Tank - King of the Surf Guitar Rap

Last night at dinner I mentioned that I used to DJ a surf rock show and I got a response much different than "uh.. what's that?" This guy pulled out a sheet of paper and told me to go to and check out Tone Tank - Surf Guitar Rap. Well I'll make this easier for you, you can just checkit out here

This isn't the first time I've heard the two genres meet. Most recently famously Black Eyed Peas confused surf fans with "Pump It" sampling Misirlou but I  prefer the oldies lovin' Fat Boys

Tone Tank doesn't really reinterpret the songs or chop up the beat. They straight rap over surf rock songs by Dick Dale, The Ventures etc.. I won't say it's all that smooth, but it's definitely a pretty fun listen if for nothing else than hearing them say "RAP" after the girls sing "Listen to the King of the Surf Guitar" or rap about kicking over your sandcastles. What What worthy material if you ask me

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