Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The Panics - Discotheque Dance Party

Go ahead and judge a record by its cover, we all know that it works. You've got the band in all cases performing in red suits, a woman seemingly in her underwear, across from a man leaping and yelling, and you've got a list of song titles seemingly matched with dance moves (with the RRHHWW favorite, the frug, listed among them). Would I surprise you if I told you this was raucous frat rock? 

Funky16Corners can shed a little light on the make-up and history of this band (those are indeed the same names), as can the back of the album. These are the only liner notes I can think of that plug the name of the band's manager. 

This is a pretty fun album. I'm not surprised that they're not essential garack rock listening material, but I'd just as happily listen to this as The Woggles. Some of these are originals, and there's even a few decent instrumentals on it, "Hand Clappin'" making an appearance on my show this past weekend. It says "recorded live" but there's definitely been some editing here, as the crowd noise will often cut in abruptly. There's also been some editing thanks to a few little hitches on my vinyl, but it still comes out pretty listenable.

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KL from NYC said...

Can't find many LPs like this in NYC anymore (hardly any record stores and thrift shops), so thanks a lot.

Benjamin Hammond said...

this is a great album. i have seen his with a different cover. or perhaps it is a different panics band. i think the album was called panicsville.

44corky said...

What I really like about this LP is the cool rendition of "More (Theme From Mondo Cane"). Always a live staple of early '60's frat bands, you don't see too many recorded versions. The bass action is terrific.

DefChef said...

Ditto to KLfromNYC's comment...this city is plaaaaayed out and picked over by hipsters and hustlers, so any thrift store treasures are snatched up long before they even have a chance to settled onto the shelf.

But! That's just one reason I love yr blog. Another one is that now I've got this in my collection. And if Alvin Cash is a desert island rekkid, well then this has to be a time-capsule classic, the kind of artifact a serious scientist would stash in a lead box buried under some skyscraper for future generations to unearth and scratch their heads over.

I can only hope that 20,000 years from now, some far out space nut digs up this disc and decides it's a document of everyday life for every single person on earth, ever.