Thursday, March 18, 2010

RRHHWW and RockIsDeadRIP have both proclaimed their fandom of Billy Mure before, though I suspect we both feel that way for his abilities as a guitarist. Well here's the other side. This album cover and album title both give it away: this is mostly a spage-aged pop record, inventing music from other lands based on silly stereotypes, with little bad-ass rock & roll to be found.

In fact, I've saved you the trouble: this one track In A Persian Market sounds to me like Stereophonic Space Sound Unlimited decades before their time

For the type of music it is, it's pretty good, but I'm posting this here more for Billy Mure completion than to knock you internet folks out. So if you're curious, check it out

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Brandonio! said...

Wow pretty damn good stuff.I've heard of this record,and rummaged through soulseek,and the blogs and never found it.Thanks a mucho!