Saturday, April 3, 2010

The Deuce Coupes - The Shut Downs

I've got to be completing my Crown Records collection by now. This is the same gist: a few instrumentals amongst some pretty good vocal tracks, backed by Jerry Cole and a whole lot of engine sounds. I can't say that any of these really stand out to me, but it's still a solid enough album. I know y'all go nuts for anything surf or drag related anyway, so it's not like anything I say about it really matters. Here, see what Pipeline magazine has to say:

For the “Shut Downs” album I was already pretty aware how it was going to sound before the needle touched down into the grooves, having previously heard to rest of the Crown hot-rod releases – and I wasn’t wrong ! Acclaimed studio sessionman Jerry Cole was once again the uncredited main force behind the long-player and his distinct single-layer vocals, coupled with his rhythmic guitar and an accompanying sax, are the most noticeable factors in all of the label’s auto releases – and in fact, such is the similarity between each offering that I’m sure many of the melodies are simply adapted and re-used accordingly (it’s just that I haven’t worked out which ones they are yet …). Yes, they sound under-produced and fairly basic … but each release does manage to stick one or two tunes in the memory bank and they’re all worth a listen – but not one after the after for sanity’s sake.
In the instance of this particular album it’s the opening number, “With My Baby”, that gets the feet tapping and makes you wonder where on earth you've heard it before (answer - Cole rewrote it and included again on the later album by the Winners - see elsewhere) whilst the subsequent track has Cole clearly thinking in Dick-Dale-mode … and that’s not a bad thing …

By the way, this is not to be confused with the Del-Fi records Deuce Coupes. In fact, I'm not entirely sure whether the artist here is The Deuce Coupes or the Shut Downs.

Anyway here's a link to it and a tracklist

Side A

  1. With My Baby
  2. 36 Window Coupe
  3. Two Fast Cars
  4. Starters Nightmare (instrumental)
  5. Oil on the Track

Side B

  1. Body By Fisher
  2. Turn Her On Buddy
  3. Goin, Goin, Gone (instrumental)
  4. Goggles Got A Hole In It
  5. Deuce Coupes


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Greetings, In doing some research.....The Album Title is:The Deuce Coupes,(Named after Jerry Coles's song, which is included in the Lp.) The Shut Downs were the mythical group that Cole used on this.And, I'm sure Jerry Cole tried to use The Deuce Coupe name to capitalize on Del-Fi's Group, headed by the Vegas Brothers.Back then, it was a way to fake-out the public to sell records. The drag/hot rod years were really affected. And you may remember the British Invasion years with "Beatlemania" also saw these lps too!
Some of these budget lps were quite good.