Monday, February 28, 2011

The Routers - Superbird / Sack of Woe

Yes, it's those Routers. Or at least it is meant to be in direct lineage of those Routers. The ones that gave us Clap Clap Clapclapclap Clapclapclapclap Let's Go 10 years prior to this 1973 release. I believe both of these are from their Superbird LP, which was sort of like that one Lively Ones album where they come out of nowhere making funk music that sounds nothing like their old stuff. I don't really know that, I've never listened to it.

I also have no idea whether this featured Tommy Tedesco, Hal Blaine or any Wrecking Crew members. I do know that it's produced by Joe Saraceno and Superbird is written by Larry Duncan, like the old Routers, which is why I don't think this is a separate group. But it is a complete break to a very funk sound.

Superbird is the better of the two. Does this surprise you? They named their album after it!

Sack of Woe is a Cannonball Adderly cover, right? Well here it is, slow and funky

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