Monday, May 23, 2011

The Americans: Live rockabilly on WTUL!

I try to keep my surf show separate from my blog unless I've got something really special for ya. And here we are! The Americans were passing through town, heard my show, and in about an hour they were tearin' it up on set. It was a short set but oh so sweet.

I'll confess to not being familiar with these guys, but from my own little private show (well, I guess shared with my listener audience (and you)) I'm a big fan. This isn't psychobilly cheese (not that I can't enjoy psychobilly cheese) it's barebones 50's style like you rarely hear people doing these days.

A few notes on the session itself:
-I like the levels, but the vocals are a little clipped. Maybe you like that even better!
-I neglected to take out my camera. That picture up there is ripped from Wikipedia
-And of course, somebody I was chatting with was telling me that surf musicians were the absolute nicest. Well, these aren't surf musicians, but goddamn do I love serving up the niche genres: super nice guys, no egos. I would almost say that the best old rockabilly is helped by big egos, but there's nothing lacking here.
-They have an impeccable sense of direction. They found their way to the studio with minimal help and despite our hallway being curtained off

Here's the three songs they played.

Real Gone Daddy

One Hand Loose

Tool Pusher

This flac file is the full continuous set. Higher quality but the terrible downside of having to listen to my excruciating blabber

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