Saturday, July 2, 2011

The Uniques - Lady's Man / Bolivar J

The Uniques are a pretty fun Louisiana rock & roll/garagey group, though the more research I do the less they seem like a Louisiana band. Usually the Shreveport Paula label = Louisiana, but it seems the Uniques were formed in Arkansas, according to this website I somehow had never seen before. Interesting, considering that this was produced by Dale Hawkins, often considered a Louisiana artist despite spending the greater part of his life in Arkansas. Whatever I'll take it, I like these guys, I like their more popular single with the cover of All These Things, I like their LP Uniquely Yours though mine has a big chunk taken out of the first track. Maybe otherwise I'd upload it for y'all, until then I'll keep an eye out.

Anyway, these are both pretty upbeat, not quite KILLER but fun. Lady's Man here might be a cover? I haven't been able to find the details, I'm probably missing something obvious

I like Bolivar J a little more with its big stompin' and prominent organ. This one was definitely written by the band

blog note: sorry it's an eternity between posts, the Youtube crowd is just really on top of their game, everything's been gotten to already!


Anonymous said...

I have "Uniquely Yours" and 3 other LP's, but the "Lady's Man" 45 isn't on any of them. How do I download the MP3's from Divshare?
I assume that you know that Joe Stampley was a member of the Uniques.

Anonymous said...
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