Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Satellites - Bodacious / El San Juan (1967)

Bodacious screams Joe Meek and all the spacey connotations that come with that, but oddly enough if you take a look at that cover you'll see that it's produced by Bobby Vinton of all people. Apparently one of the members was friends with Bobby. In any case, a killer instrumental, one of the best I've posted on here

El San Juan is a sleepy latin-tinged surf dreamer, great in it's own right but way less Joe Meek.


Anonymous said...

What's surprise. I am Tom Lallathin and I played on the original recording in a Pittsburg studio in1963. Both of these songs were really written by Alex (sonny) Gillis and me. Our band was known as the Jaguars but was changed to the Satelites when the record was released in 1965 when everything was hyped as space oriented. The beginning with the swooping sound was added by the studio.
Sonny played lead guitar and his brother, Dick, played bass,Joe Havelka on drums and Richard Reppart on organ.
Joe, Rich and I are the only survivors. If you would like any other info. 2twl@comcast.net. P.S. I still have a band

Anonymous said...

please I need this song El San Juan.
podrias activarla. GRACIAS.

Felipe, Madrid.