Saturday, August 11, 2012

Surfin' on Wave Nine (Comp on King)

A friend picked this compilation up for me for a buck at a record fair and it was well worth it! I was pretty curious given that you rarely find any surf on King (though the classic Car Hop by the Exports was) and most of what we have here are pretty obscure as well. In fact, I can't find a mention of The Nutrons anywhere else. Despite that, it's certainly got some surfy tunes, such as The Tramps' Maharadja and the inclusions by the Vice Roys. A lot of the tracks are supplied by the more titty-shakin' Nutrons, all of which are pretty fun. A standout to me is The Wobble by the Wobblers, featuring goofy bubble sounds over a fun R&B twister. Looks like it's off a James Brown LP?


wolf said...

Please give me your pasw.

KL from NYC said...

Thank you for this one. I'd never seen it before.

It's my guess that half of these are re-titled King instrumentals to fill out the LP.

(BTW, regarding the above comment, the zip file didn't ask for a password, so I didn't have any trouble opening it.)

Hunter said...

Just found another hint, actually

Nu-Trons were on Federal

KL from NYC said...

Good catch.

I quickly checked the King label discographies at:

1. Nu-Trons on Federal in 1963
2. The Viceroys (no hyphen) on Bethlehem in 1962 (jazz label)
3. The Tramps on King in 1961

I also took a fast look at other King labels: DeLuxe, Queen, and Beltone.

You might want to take a closer look.

There's a bio on Mickey Baker, a jazz guitarist who recorded for King labels and has two tracks on the LP:

I still think most of these were intended for R&B release.

KL from NYC said...

"The Wobble" by The Wobblers on James Brown King LP 771:

The “Night Train” LP was originally released in 1962 and was subsequently reissued several times under the titles “Twist Around” and “Jump Around”. Of the twelve instrumentals on this compilation, half are credited to James Brown with contributions from others...

The download link (RapidShare still works) and info is here:

Hunter said...

Awesome! unraveling mysteries like this is half the reason I post at all.

KL from NYC said...

NOTE: The password for the RS zip file is on the side of the blog page.

Hunter said...

I swear, once you start looking for things they magically present themselves sometimes. Picked up a Wobblers 45 yesterday.

The Wobblers were on King 45-5585 (1961)
The Wobble / Blow Out
Credits on both sides are (F. Stryker-R. Hall-J. Otis). Rene Hall? Johnny Otis?).

Looks like somebody has posted Blow Out here: