Friday, November 23, 2012

Senor Wences - Deefeecult for Me / 'S-All Right?

Man, when I update this blog so infrequently, you'd think I'd post something awesome, right? In fact, I think I've even got a few awesome things I could post. But instead, I give you this silly novelty record.

"Deeefeecult for you- easy for me"
More of the same here "'S-all right? 'S All Right!"


philo said...

Remember him with his hand puppets on Ed Sullivan in the Sixties. He looked a hundred years old even then. This came out in '59.
I didn't even know he was popular back then. One little tidbit about this is, in 1959 the dance craze of all things was the Cha Cha from Cuba.
I think even Bo Diddley had a Cha Cha record..
Hence the references to it in "S'All Right".

ate2zee said...

When you say "hand puppets"--yes, literally. He drew the puppet's face on the thumb side of his hand, & could that way make it talk. He had a Spanish accent, of course, & his banter back & forth with his hand puppet was hilarious to one & all back in 1959 on the Ed Sullivan show. "'S-All right? 'S-All right." I'll admit that Senor Wences was my most favorite guest on Ed Sullivan until the Beatles came along a few years later. Wait--Senor Wences was my most favorite guest (period).