Monday, December 24, 2012

The Quests - Instrumentally Yours

The Quests are one of Singapore's biggest instrumental groups in the same way that America had the Ventures and, more appropriately in this case, England had the Shadows. While it might be somewhat surprising to hear, given the paltry amount of far east rock & roll that found its way to English-speaking culture, they were hardly alone (see The Swallows). The big influence that could be heard in nearly all of it was the Shadows. For instance, here's an earlier Quests single (there's better quality versions out there, but they don't allow embedding).

However, the selections on Instrumentally Yours come a bit later and, like many instrumental groups later in their career, they've worked in some pretty serious fuzz, Davie Allan style and a bit of psychedelic influence.

The Indian Maid

Return of Spring


Why Go To the Temple


Brandonio! said...

Good stuff Hunter!

johnnie o said...

I enjoy your post on some of the lesser known bands. Thanks for digging them up and their keeping music alive.