Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Dave and the Orbits - Chili Beans / Cheetah's Uncle

This has been one of my favorite weirdo instrumental discs for a few months now. Cheetah's Uncle (no idea where THAT title comes from) is a flanged-out stomper that grabs you on the first note. Chili Beans is a bit reminiscent of Johnny & the Hurricanes' Sheba -- likely no coincidence as D. Yorko here is none other than Dave Yorko of the same band (source)

Chili Beans

Cheetah's Uncle


tut said...

cheetahs uncle sure sounds like something lonnie mack would have done.
that`s not flanging on the guitar thats the sound of true vibrato froma magnatone amp.

Hunter said...

Thanks for the correction, doing my best as somebody that doesn't play. Agree on the Lonnie Mack sound

tut said...

Lonnie used to use those big magnatone amps back in the day and got that sound
didn`t mean to come off sounding like a smart alec, you have a good blog here and I enjoy it!

Hunter said...

Didn't hear any amount of smart alec, half the reason I post this stuff is so people can drop some knowledge. Glad you're enjoying it!

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