Saturday, March 21, 2009

The Dream Girls - I'm In Love With You \ Crying In The Night

After a monthish hiatus while I tried to find stuff to put on here, The Rock & Roll Hoo-Ha What What is back with another information-free post. About all I've been able to find about this one is a page confirming its existance (and the group's small output). It's a shame because to be called "The Dream Girls" you'd think they would be sold somewhat on their delectable appearance, but just how they do appear and who they were appears to be lost to time. So we'll just have to settle with the inevitable: imaginging the cast of the recent movie Dream Girls singing these songs.

This is plain old girl group stuff but high quality (and high volume, I had to trim my line in way down to keep the recording from clipping).

I'm In Love With You is an upbeat cutesy thing about being in love and all, but swung in a fun way

I'm In Love With You

Cryin' in the Night is a little more sassy and but the same sort of tempo and just as good if lyrically unoriginal as the other side.

Crying in the NIght


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