Wednesday, April 1, 2009

STORM SURGE TONIGHT + a few other things

That's right, another show of unapologetic instrumental rock & roll at 2AM CST, WTULNEWORLEANS.COM (as in Thursday morning)

but in the meantime, two things:

1) I actually just listened to a 45 I'm going to slip on here. Blog's not dead.

2) but my file hosting is. For some reason Wesleyan doesn't want to host their alumn's website crap forever. Unless somebody knows a good, free solution for hosting and easy streaming of single songs, there might be a little downtime for 45s while I figure out my own little server.

Dick Dale - Mr Eliminator
Krontjong Devils - Skateboard USA
The Ventures - The Fourth Dimension
The El Caminos - Big Surf
Paul Revere and the Raiders - Orbit (The Spy)

Earl Palmer's Party Rockers - Johnny's House Party Part 1
Red Garrison & His Zodiacs - Taboo
Dave "Baby" Cortez - Hot Cakes! 1st SXerving
Kip Tyler and His Flips - On the Flipside
Alan Pierce - The Growl
The Lifeguards - Everybody Outta The Pool

The Razorblades - Grease Your Hair and Get Tattoed
Barbacoa - Taco Bell's Cannon
The Sir Finks - Can't Be Still
The Bahareebas - Dunewalk
The Mobsmen - Chunkje

The John Schroeder Orchestra - Nightrider
Alvin Cash & the Crawlers - Twine Time
Laika and the Cosmonauts - Disconnected
The Weisstronauts - Get it Together
The Castanets - Funky Wunky Piano
The Hypnomen - Lucumba

The Bad Beers - Russian Rocket
The Ramblin' Ambassadors - Cupcakes di Milo
Mad 3 - Ali Baba
Switch Trout - Pedal Pressure(Bomb the Radio)
Famous Monsters - International Monster Pressentation
The Mag Seven - Sleepwalk
Wau Y Los Arrrrgs!!! - Copa, Raya Paliza

Urban Surf Kings - And the Horse You Rode In On
Cozy Cole - Bad
Bill Justis - College Man

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