Sunday, June 7, 2009

The Ed Townsend Orchestra - Ed Townsend's Boogie Woogies (Part 1)

We've got a simple one for you. If you want to know about Ed Townsend, it's not hard but I haven't seen much about him in this orchestral form. Well, what you get is a great dancing number with Ed only chiming in for hype purposes. The B-side had a few dings on it and would skip, so I'm keeping it off (it was more or less an more instrumental version of this mostly instrumental song). But as you'll see, it's a pretty cool song and not nearly as lovey dovey as the stuff he's recognized for writing.

The Ed Townsend Orchestra - Ed Townsend's Boogie Woogie (Part 1)

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Hunter said...

Note to self: when taking pictures, return 45 to sleeve and file. Do not open the window near it on a bright sunny day