Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Rev. JT Bell & The Moody Family - I've Got It In My Walk \ I See The Blood

I need help y'all. As I keep returning to my Sister Rosetta Tharpe album I start to feel like I want more. While I'm still investigating in my favorite manner: raiding thrift stores and buying interesting 45s, nowadays we've got blogs like this one to open us up to this sort of thing.

However, I've yet to find a good blog full of old foot-stomping Gospel. I'm afraid to delve into the whole genre, since I know a lot of it these days has a cheesy new-age production that I can't stand. I'm not much of a christian... I follow Rock &Roll, but given the amount of surf on here you could guess that lyrics don't matter much. This stuff has OOMPH though, and I'd appreciate it if somebody could point me and the rest of RRHHWW readers to a good resource for more of this sort of stuff.

Anyway, my small amount of headway into this has shown me one certain thing:  this HSE label is hot. Thankfully, the Stepfather of Soul blog has already done the legwork of dredging up the information on the label, and he's got some pretty choice comments helping him out. 

So what do I know about this particular 45? Zip! I know that I've Got It In My Walk is the better of the two, but not by a whole lot, and "I see the blood" makes up for it with its decidedly metal name.

I've Got It In My Walk

I See The Blood

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Anonymous said...

i've also been looking for a good gospel blog (golden age, not the new crap), with no luck. if you're interested, i have some great compilations i could share with you.