Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Cal Carter - Twist Along With Cal Carter

Cal Carter may not have made much of a name for himself as a solo artist, but as an arranger he's pretty prolific. I've seen his name attached to Canned Heat and Clarence Carter, though I'm not 100% it's the same guy. I do know from listening to this 45 (with Cal's name on the minit label) that Our Cal had a hand in it.

It's a good indication of what this album sounds like. Cal stuffs these worn classics so full of embellishment that they sound like new songs. It's almost got a rock & roll meets pep band thing (which is to say, sounds like the Routers) and I wouldn't be surprised if Cal has a background there.

The A-Side of this is way more exciting, despite being much more familiar songs. I was pretty pleased to find our New Orleans favorite "Mother In Law" covered, and he seems to recognize all the things that would make it a great instrumental. If you liked that Steve Garrick two posts ago, I kinda think this destroys it, though it may be a little less goofy.

This isn't a pristine rip, but it plays smoothly at least. Enjoy it!


hemard 2.0 said...

your background reminds me of a green version of 311's transistor album
but I can't read the text : (

DefChef said...

Hey hey! Now THIS is a record I can kick off a New Year's Eve party with!

I just stumbled in here, but I'm gonna be back...thanks for puttin' it up there!

KL from NYC said...

Thank you. I always have room for another twist LP in my collection.

jan senior said...

Thank you very much for this happy LP ! Twist music = happy music.