Thursday, December 24, 2009

Joel Smith & Mt. Olive B.C. Choirs - With Jesus You Can't Go Wrong

What better to celebrate Big J McJeezy's birthday with than music shouting his name repeatedly? Nope, I couldn't think of any obscure rock & roll Christmas gems so here you get some excellent, high-energy, well-done Louisiana gospel (if the different locations on the 45 itself didn't give it away, Rosemont is a New Orleans label).

With Jesus You Can't Go Wrong Pt. 1

and Pt. 2

And to double celebrate, I wanna show off one of my presents to myself: This year Arhoolie released one of the most fiery gospel albums I've ever heard.

Rev. Louis Overstreet - An Evening with the Rev. Louis Overstreet

Any rock & roll fan owes themselves to listen to this. It's the raw fun type of gospel that sits easily alongside Utah Smith, Rosetta Tharpe and Charlie Jackson. I won't give you a song off that album, but check this youtube.

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