Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Johnny Zorro

I found out about this artist from one of the Frolic Diner compilations and headed to ebay to pick up a random 45. That's about all I can tell you here other than that it's surf, fun, wierd, and the B-Side is good but not as much as Bongo Guitar. Wish I knew more about it, since Bongo Guitar is ferocious.

download Bongo Guitar

Download Kangaroo Hop

These are hosted on my recently-graduated-school's hosting which may not be legit so get it while it's hot.

I've been a little slow lately because of hurricane nonsense and indecision about what to throw up here next. It's between the Lifeguards, Joe Houston or Little Richard + Sister Rosetta Tharpe


Andreas Grabsch said...

Hi. Here is Johnny Zorro's Homepage:

Bongo Guitar and Kangaroo Hop were produced by Norman Malkin of the Enith International label. But it was was leased to Gliff Garrett's Infintiy Records. It came out in 1961 as the second (of 36) singles on Infinity.

Both songs were written by Johnny. Bass player Dick Henson recieved songwriter credits instead of a musician's fee.

When I had contact with Johnny Zorro and his recent publishers, he was not in good condition. I hope, he is better now.

Greetings from Berlin, Germany

Anonymous said...

Update: Johnny Zorro seems to be in good health and still active and playing guitar in CA. Had a nice long conversation with him at a party tonight.

Ron Simpson said...

I found this Johnny Zorro thread while looking for Dave Porazzo in his 50s jazz identity. Anybody know where I can contact him?