Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Little Richard & Sister Rosetta Tharpe

I just got this album pretty recently in the midst of a week where I would watch the following video at least once per day

Unfortunately you won't hear anything like that monster solo she pulls off about halfway through, but this album managed to knock me off my feet anyway. About 75% Gospel music and 75% Rock & Roll (yes, those are my figures), high powered throughout. While a little bit of internet research and the previous owner's own notes seem to suggest that this is less of an actual collaboration than it is both artists throwing Gospel songs onto the same album, they both sound good together. While I'll admit to not hearing much of Little Richard's works outside all his biggest hits (which I love), his tracks are the more surprising ones; his lunatic screaming replaced by a surprisingly strong, resounding church-singing voice. Not a single WOOOO! to be heard.

Despite my buying the cover in two pieces, this is a pretty clean rip with most imperfections only noticeable in the silence between tracks. Hope y'all enjoy this as much as I did


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