Thursday, September 11, 2008

Let's get heavy

The real benefit to my radio show at WTUL right now is that I can plow through the 7"s and find great garage acts that I wouldn't have heard otherwise. One of the better finds so far was the Chrome Cranks. I might be showing my age here, maybe they were actually pretty big in their day, but I've been listening to this song an awful lot for the past few days.

Download Chrome Cranks - Lo-End Buzz

There's a pretty clear noise influence in there and it's a lot more harsh than what I would normally call Rock & Roll, but the attitude is definitely there. Sure, they're not the only band to do this brand of Rock & Roll; Jon Spencer's done this in all sorts of ways for instance.

Two great bands that do a similar thing, though perhaps less stricly within the realm of rock & roll.

The Distortions (sorry, no MP3 for you because I don't have any)

Download Clockcleaner - Vomiting Mirrors


Anonymous said...

oh gawd! wesfiles

it requires a username and password that even another wesfiles-using student can't provide, fyi

Hunter said...

whoopsie daisies, how bout now?

Anonymous said...

yop, it's aliiiiive