Sunday, October 12, 2008

Clint West and the Fabulous Boogie Kings

Every time I post I repeat to myself "this will not be a surf blog, this will not be a surf blog". Here I thought I had a solution but, well, I'd skip most of the vocal tracks on here.

The Boogie Kings are one of the more prominent swamp pop bands and this is one of their earliest appearances. I've got a lot of headway to make before I could explain swamp pop to you; my current understanding is just a simple "rock & roll made in cajun country" but at least that's a very attractive definition to me. And this is very much a Louisiana album. If you check the back cover, "LA" is included in about every paragraph and only one of the reviews of the group aren't from Louisiana (it's from Texas). My only previous exposure to them was a tape I picked up on a whim that was pretty weak and underwhelming, but this is a totally different beast.

As I've previously stated, the vocal tracks (aside from the last few) on here are pretty worthless to me. I've never been one for ballads and all of them are slow, including the opener "I'm Sorry Pillow" which is really obnoxious. Thankfully, you can pick out the good tracks by name alone and they're all pretty good.

I'd like to clear the air here: I have a huge surf bias having had a surf and instrumental radio show, so it's going to show up here because I've bought a ton of it. But I love vocals. Just yesterday I was screaming my head off to the Fabulous Wailers. I love many types of rock & roll. I love music that isn't rock & roll. HUR HUR Even RAP.

So yeah, the instrumental tracks here are the highlights. They're not surf, no reverb or normal surf staples, just instrumental rock & roll that might even that almost sit just as well next to James Brown as they do the Ventures (I believe this album is from 1963, so think about that for a while). This isn't raw Sonics or '66 garage stuff really and you can kind of pick up on some classical or jazz training on their instruments but they're clearly loving it and getting into it. Makes me wonder what they're thinking for the vocal tracks.

This is a pretty nasty copy and there won't be a single song where there isn't some (or plenty) of noise, but I don't think it ever ruins it. As always, feel free to point towards a better rip or provide your own, but I'd be surprised if there are many copies of this floating around, much less on the internet.

Side A:

  1. I'm Sorry Pillow
  2. Choo Choo Locomotion
  3. Twelfth of Never
  4. Trey Me
  5. A Tear Fell
  6. Boogie Chillun

Side B:

  1. Honky Tonk pt. 3
  2. It's No Use To Try
  3. Okey Dokey Stomp
  4. Our Love
  5. Night Train
  6. Twist and Shout


Hunter said...

download it here

Rpvalcin said...

Hello. Could you give me a list of the songs on this LP. Also, would you be willing to sell this. I have been looking for it for 10 years, and cannot find it anywhere. It was lost in a fire and no one seems to have it anymore. Please let me know the track names even if you do not want to sell it. I would really like it if you did sell it to me. it would mean a lot. Thanks Randy Valcin.

Hunter said...

Hey Randy, I'm glad somebody appreciates this album. It's worth a lot more attention than it's been getting (though I guess I didn't have the kindest words about the vocal tracks)

I've edited the tracklist into the post. As for selling it, it's kind of a little gem of my collection and I'm not too eager to let it go. I have some plans for my Louisiana albums that I'm not going to reveal until I'm good and ready, but I will keep an eye out in the unlikely event that I'll find another copy.

Hunter said...

Randy, if you're out there somewhere, I've found not one but two extra copies...

Rpvalcin said...

Yes, Im still around. that Is some of the best news I have heard. Thank you for continuing to keep me in mind. I still have yet to find a copy. What would it take for me to get one of your extras from you?

Michael said...

Many thanks for this. am looking for Happy Weekend by Clint ... anyone got a place where i can download it from?

I will appreciate