Sunday, October 12, 2008

Weirdo Blues


Now I'm hesitant to jump the gun with this, but I'd reckon that Don Cavalli's Cryland is one of my favorite albums of the year. It hit me when I was so sick of the music I was hearing as the music director of WESU and was so goofy and refreshing with his Frenchness and overuse of wah pedal that I listened to "New Hollywood Babylon" about three times a day for a week or two. It costs 1 cent on Amazon so I'd advise you buy it without even listening to the below link.

Don Cavalli - New Hollywood Babylon

Well, my new station has given me something similarly nice. Or nicely similar. I guess they really didn't give it to me as much as I combed through the CD library and read an interesting description and played it on a show. Either way, the excellently named Super Chikan does the same "haha whatever" blues that Don Cavalli does, though perhaps with a little more proficiency. Then again, proficiency isn't what I appreciated in Don Cavalli. I won't pick favorites out of the two, but Super Chikan makes me hope that I'm just a totaly neophyte to a whole world of similar goofballs.

The below song is not his best work but is really convenient for Don Cavalli comparisons. 

Super Chikan - Willie Brown Jr.

Then I guess there's Bob Log but that's different.

warning: plenty of boobs


Anonymous said...

Hey, any idea where can I find/buy:

Super Chikan - Willie Brown Jr.

I think I like this better than Cryland.

Hunter said...

It just so happens that that album is the one that goes for cheapest on Amazon. It's called What You See