Thursday, October 23, 2008

(slightly late) Voodoo Fest Picks

Maybe Voodoo Fest has steadily gotten better and it has just been my tastes that declined. Or maybe it's just that I would have been out of town for past years anyway so I didn't give it a good look. Well, either way it's GREAT this year. Lots of big name picks but it's the alternative to alternative bands that are really making this year's lineup stand out.

My picks:

FRIDAY (this isn't just a highlight list, this is a gameplan. No overlaps):

Extra Action Marching Band

I didn't know about these guys until reading up about the lineup, but apparently they're ex-members of the great noisy racket band Crash Worship and play a marching band cover of Dick Dale's "The Wedge". No, I don't have an MP3 of that to share, their myspace will have to do. Unfortunately they seem to be slated as an opening ceremony or something so we'll see if this will be possible

The Dirtbombs

These Detroit garage greats have been getting a lot of press since the release of We Have You Surrounded. I seem to remember hearing mixed reports of them live and I guess I'll only really be satisfied if I hear stuff from their incredible album of funk/soul covers "Ultraglide In Black"

The Dynamites feat Charles Walker & Big Sam's Funky Nation

Another ashamed "I'd never heard them before now" entry... even for Big Sam. But from what I've heard from the internet they seem well worth my time.

Andre Williams

What a cool entry. "The Black Godfather", Detroit grease legend Andre Williams is coming here after a great new album supported by members of Morning 40 Federation, Quintron and others (that oddly enough is really hard to find in stores around here, I been looking). Apparently here's he's backed by the Diplomats of Solid Sound, who I have an album of that I don't really care for but would probably still give a chance if they were performing alone. This guy has also recorded with the Sadies and members of the Gories (yes, including Mick Collins of the above Dirtbombs). Worth the price of admission alone to me.

Download a song from Bloodshot's slow-ass servers

Reverend Horton Heat

While I might take a peak at Man Man in between sets, this is pretty much the face of Psychobilly right here. Admittedly, I've always liked his enthusiasm more than his music, but I'm pretty sure he'll put on a good show.

Soul Sister/Devotchka

I guess it really comes down to how tired I am. Legendary local and inspirational funk DJ  if I'm still up for dancing or the only Gypsy-esque indie band I like (aside from Gogol Bordello but that's different)


Save my money. Or make it I guess, I gotta work. Seriously, not much standing out to me.


Quintron & Miss Pussycat

Part of me says "You're planning on seeing them on Halloween, don't bother and go see Dirty Dozen". We'll see what happens but Quintron following up a great new release on Goner Records. I love him, he's found his own sound with the subtlest hints of his great respect for New Orleans R&B that are still recognizable to those that want to hear it. And you can dance oh-so-well to it. I was going to make a post just about that new album being released but oh well have a link to one of his songs

Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings

Yes! I'll finally get a chance to see a live show of Daptone Records' flagship artist. I don't really know what to say, but this is one of the biggest must-sees on my list.

Butthole Surfers

What's wrong with me? I have the chance to follow up Sharon Jones with our local best answer to her (Irma Thomas) or maybe finally go see a Trombone Shorty show, something I've always meant to do. But no, I'm going to go see this sacred cow indie band that got back together to make a few bucks just like every other band from that era. Why? Because their live shows were once practically factually the most off-the-wall performances period... then they started sucking, then they quit, now they're old. Also because they have really sweet album titles. And I guess because they're one of those "so you can say you saw it" bands. Stupid Stupid me. Well, at least once it's over/I get disappointed enough I can high-tail it to one of New Orleans' finest.

Soul Sister

What else am I supposed to do? Go see REM?

BUMMER: After searching the lineup over and over for him, it turns out Eli Paperboy Reed had to cancel. See you round buddy


Anonymous said...

whoa, the dynamites actually came to st. louis right before i moved to d.c. i only went because the concert was free but if i had a chance to see them again, i would definitely pay.

how was sharon jones?


Hunter said...

I totally skipped Friday and missed The Dynamites and Andre Williams but I saw Sharon today and she was even better than I expected. I danced my asss off throughout so bad that some people took pictures of me which is a little weird.

And then I saw Irma Thomas immediately afterwards which was probably the best thing I could have done immediately after such an event

Brandonio! said...

What on earth is wrong with Reverend Horton Heat's music?You are certainly in a minority with that choice of words.

Hunter said...

I know I know, whenever I listen to it I think "well this has plenty of things I should like about it but why isn't this clicking with me?"

Hunter said...

although I'd welcome an album recommendation, I've only heard Space Heater and It's Martini Time

Brandonio! said...

as for the Rev you have to own "smoke'em if you got'em" and "full custom gospel sounds" .I just assumed everybody was familiar with someone as legendary as the Reverend Horton Heat.I mean really, what planet have you been living on?

Hunter said...

Well normally after two albums I'm not inclined to give them a third third shot but just for you Brandonio, just for you