Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Dr. John - Zu Zu Man (Trip Records)

There are a ton of Dr. John albums named Zu Zu Man, I believe all of them unauthorized. Allmusic alone lists five... not including this one that I found in a flea market in Connecticut. To quote a guy from the bomplist I found on Google

Trip Records certainly lives up to its name. They also did a Dr. John album,
"Zu Zu Man," that overdubs scrapped instrumental outtrakes of his
with...somebody IMITATING Dr. John on lead vocals, singing cheesy New Orleans-themed
lyrics passed off as the real thing. If you're a fan, it's pretty hilarious.
And if does of course feature a photo of him as he looked at the time.

I'm not sure whether that's true at all, although at times I thought the voice DID seem a little off. Sometimes on target too. Sometimes clearly female. As with everything I throw up here it seems, the cover is misleading; this isn't really Night Tripper-Gris Gris psychedelic stuff so much but it's pleasantly funky, especially Della I think.

So go download it already

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Anonymous said...

You don't say enough shit about "Come on Eileen."