Sunday, November 9, 2008

The Road

Here's a little thrift store gem I found. I had never and still haven't heard mention of the band, but saw their stylin' leather jackets, swanky hairstyles, cool attitudes, cheesy use of Robert Frost quotes and choice of covers and thought I'd be in for a good dose of Mersey/Pop-psychedelic sound. And I was correct! Although considering all these factors and the intro track, I expected more of a concept album experience than all the covers and dance numbers they play.

Only two of these songs are written by band members but the covers are high energy and fun, sometimes mixing them up. The most notable example being the song that starts out as Dance To The Music, which reminded me of Mitch Ryder's excellent combo of Devil With The Blue Dress and Good Golly Miss Molly. The Road don't really approach anything quite up to that caliber, but Mitch Ryder doesn't have the occaisonal psychedelic touches that The Road have.

According to the back cover this album is exclusive to ITCC stereo tape cartridges and cassettes, making this vinyl rip a complete paradox. Considering it doesn't exist and despite the cover condition it's not a bad rip. Enough little pops to let you know it's vinyl, but not much more. Oh and ignore the tracklist on the back cover, it's totally wrong. The album label is more accurate although still a little tough to deciper considering the medleys. It Goes something like

Side 1:
(brief intro)
1.She's Not There
2.Love Is All
3.Love-it-is (or Loveitis)
4.A Taste of Honey
5.I can Only Give You Everything
Side 2:
1.Dance to the Music (shotgun)/Never Gonna Give You Up
2.Mr. Soul
3.In Love
4.See You There
5.Rock & Roll Woman/The Grass Looks Greener On The Other Side
3.In Love

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iImagination said...

I am currently endeavouring to find and/or record my LPs into mp3. Given my success with some of my more obscure records, I anticipated searching for this one was going to be an exercise in futility. Thankyou for dispelling that thought. I too have a vinyl pressing. Hmmmm

iImagination said...

By the way, My cover is in better condition, if you would like a jpg of it!