Sunday, February 15, 2009

Chalklit Milk Revue - Forever Bliss \ some willy nelson cover

EDIT: These downloads work now. Jeez, you guys need to tell me about these things

I know nothing about this 45, its artist or even its label. I've seen it on people's playlists, I've seen people selling it even describing it as "unknown". I know that it's good and that it was essentially donated by Marty over in Metairie, who so graciously fed my record addiction the other day.

Commence bullshitting: As much as they would like to, not many soul bands can call themselves Chocolate Milk, and since our fair city had already claimed the title, these guys had to resort to an awkard pun, as if chalk had incandescent properties. That was error number one for this band, error #2 was choosing a soulful cover of Willy Nelson's "Funny How Time Slips Away" as your A-Side.

Funny How Time Slips Away

I mean, it's not poorly executed or anything but "Forever Bliss" is a much more fun organ-fueled stomper, much more so than the name would suggest.

Forever Bliss

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