Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Slooooow postin'

There are a few reasons this blog is going slowly

a) I have a sorta jobish thing and will for about a month

b) I have a whoooole lot of music to listen to. You'd think this would mean MORE blog posting, but instead you get REALLY frustrated finding these hot singles, googling them and finding that they're either still in print or that somebody's beat you to the punch. Then you forget which ones HAVEN'T had that happen yet. And I'm unorganized. So I'm probably going to just plow through these things, get my collection back in order, THEN start getting these gears grinding again.

How much music you ask? I haven't listened to any of this

That's roughly 200 45s and 50 LPs. A lot of this isn't really within the scope of this blog (yes that is a 45 of TLC's Waterfalls). BUT I don't want to miss anything so I gotta listen to it ALL. And I'm still organizing the 45s from the last time I posted a bunch of records I got


d) I've got BIG PLANS I've been working on, one sort of blog related one not at all.

REGARDLESS OUT OF SHEER GUILT I HAVE SOME THINGS I'LL PUT UP. It's really sad to watch your hits fizzle out when you're on top of your game, so I've probably got another Sandy Nelson coming and a couple of other little tricks.

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