Friday, February 27, 2009

Harvey - I Want Somebody \ Da Da Goo Goo

Lookit Harvey here, thinks that since he's on Chess records he's all big and bad and can just go by Harvey, as if there's only one guy named Harvey worthy of note. What did he do to earn it? Well, I suppose he made a pretty substantial amount of good songs as the prominent member of the Moonglows. I'm actually basing thi off of the amount of crap other people have wrote about them than the ho-hum singles I have in my own collection. I'll go ahead and listen to more of that later, especially considering that he would later go on to form the Nite-Liters, a funk band whose songs I like quite a bit.

This little stopgap of his only spanned a few singles, but it seems he still managed to have some fun. The A-Side is a a slower number but not bad.

I Want Somebody

Da Da Goo Goo, which appears to be the B-Side, is a much more upbeat,danceable thing. I have a little trouble sincerely appareciating a song dealing with baby talk and baby matters, but since I'm firmly in my teenage years at 23 I think Ihave that right. On the other hand, I have no reservations about shaking my ass, and "Da Da Goo Goo" provides reasonable fodder for that indulgence.

Da Da Goo Goo

(I'm in Olympia for the weekend and don't have a picture of the 45. I'll post it when I get back)
(any good places to look for music in Olympia?)

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Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for posting this. I have been looking for some site that would have "I Want Somebody" - couldn't find it anywhere.

I guess you and I are the only 2 people around who even know the record existed!