Wednesday, May 13, 2009

SSOR Tomorrow at NOON EST

So my surf show is now at a listenable time and, for the summer, a half-hour longer. In fact, I'm going to be DJing for the hour preceding SSOR, but I don't think anybody wants to listen to 3 hours of surf any more than I want to DJ it.

That's Thursday, May 14th at Noon CST @ As always, playlist will follow broadcast

Apemen - Shake Your Hoover
Preston Epps - Bongo Rock
The Tiki Men - That's The Way It Goes
Mustangs - Dartell Stomp
Virg, Murf & Prof - Way Out
Ernie Freeman - Raunchy

The Revels - Comanche
The Bikinis - Bikini
Lee Allen - Cat Walk
Irving Ashby - Big Guitar
Baby Cortez - Getting Right

Jorgen Ingmann - Apache
Guitar Gable -Guitar Rhumbo
Classie Ballou - Classie's Whip
The Dynatones - Steel Guitar Rag
Flat Duo Jets - Dexter's Lament
Teisco Del Rey - Camel Walk
Freddie King - Heads Up
The - Green Onions
Lonnie Mack - Wham!
Chuck Berry - Berry Pickin'
Tom & Jerry - Rumble
(a break somewhere in there)

Jerry Cole & His Spacemen - Power Surf
The Chantays - Pipeline
Jon & the Nightriders - Depth Charge
The Busters - Bust Out... at 33rpm

The Busters - Bust Out at 45
Richie Allen & The Pacific Sufers - Surfer's Delight
The Super Stocks - Rendondo Beach
Urban Surf Kings - Moguls
The Lively Ones - Surf Rider

The Pyramids - Penetration
The Halibuts - Surf Drums
MOAM - Static Ding
The Volcanos - Pompeii
Ramblin' Ambassadors - Frank Slide Song
Switch Trout - COLAL

Barbwires - Thor Island Thunder
The Bills - ?
The New Dimensions - Misirlou
The Royaltones - Royal Whip
Los Straitjackets - My Heart Will Go ON

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Hunter said...

Jesus, why do I specify the time zone if I'm going to say the wrong one