Thursday, May 21, 2009


I wish that weren't so busy that I could squeeze some good music posts in between radio posts. But that's not the case so in the meantime check out @ noon for some blistering instro

post show playlist:

El Ray - Volcano
THe Sentinals - Surf 'n Soul
The Sidemen - Persuaders
The Bambi Molesters - Beach Murder Mystery
The Bahareebas - Dunewalking

Al Casey - Surfin' Blue
Treblemakers - The Hearse
Lord Limey 'n the Yanks
Mysterious Tape Man - Track 1 (meant to play Asteroid. Whoops!)
Gnee Walker & His Combo - Empire City
Dave Myers & THe Surf Tones - Church Key

Tremolo Beer Gut - Last Booze Fighter
Galaxy Trio - Strip Search
Jerry Cole - Stinger
Richie Allen - Put It On
Earthworms - Fishtail
Jan & Dean - Barons, West LA
Jim Waller & The Deltas - Surfin' Wild

Johnny Thunders - Pipeline
Jonny & the Shamen - Agent 13
Royal Pendletons - Cross Firing
Gallon Drunk - Get Ready (another whoops)

Bo Diddley - Scuttle Bug
Ernie Freeman - Puddin'
Ernie Fields - In The Mood
The Bikinis - Boogie Rock & Roll
The Yellow Jackets - Chickee Town Rock

Mach Kung Fu - Fever
The Fleshtones - One Four Five
The Tiki Men - Theme From the Unknown
THe Blue Demons - East Bay
Urban Surf Kings - Snow Plow
The Volcanos - War Drums

The Atomic Mosquitos - The Liquidators
Impala - Jet Action Brunette
Swiv-o-Matics - She Dances On Bars
Switch Trout - Searchin' For My Boots
Atomic 7 - Theme From Atomic 7
The Ramblin' Ambassadors - Kamikaze

Dick Dale - Peppermint Man
Spring Break Shark Attack - Blood Ocean
Surf Teens - Surfin' Tragedy
The Shadows - Frightened City

Stories in Sound - Space Battle

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