Tuesday, May 5, 2009

I found some more Jack Hammer

Jack Hammer, the Louisiana native that split to Belgium to make some of the most outrageous twisting records in existence, is probably THEE artist that makes me catch my breath when I come across an album (all two times that's happened). So I did something I don't normally do and hit ebay for an EP. Recorded in Belgium and pressed in Israel, shipping from Israel. So I thought I would rip it for you guys butttttt

apparently there's a little bit more of our boy Jack on the internet since I'd done a good thorough search. I'd seen a few false links, but this one came through and, unfortunately for my slow blog, appears to have all the songs on this EP plus many more.


I don't really mind, the truth is I love owning this EP and I'm thrilled to hear even more songs detailing extreme measures one undergoes in the name of twisting. So I thought I'd give y'all a hand and link to it.

I also came across a few more details but have since lost it. I'll post them here when I find them.

And here's my last post about Mr. Hammer

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