Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Gospelaires - Remember Me, Jesus \ Never Turn Back

A lot of friends complemented me on my big gospel post from earlier, and that's good because I ain't done yet. While I'll return to Louisiana eventually, I've been really enjoying this 45 from the Dayton, Ohio group the Gospelaires. They're sorta still around, but like so many Gospel groups they're happy to keep the name with the completely different lineup.

Both sides of this are a blast. The A-Side falls a little on the sermony side, but as you'll see, this guy doesn't hold back.Note the lack of question mark. I keep reading this in my head as a snappy action hero catchphrase.
Remember Me, Jesus
There's a strange surprise in there. I have no idea what the deal is, but I'll let you hear it for yourself. I thought I'd left some sort of creepy video game open in the background on first listen.

Never Turn back doesn't really rely on gimmick and is pretty much exactly what pops into your head when you hear Gospel, at least in the good ways. Just as high energy vocal-wise but with one hell of a hip-shakin' backing.
Never Turn Back

Now if you're thinking to yourself "oh my crap, I need to see this in person", thanks to modern Youtube technology you can replicate the next closest thing: watching them from the perspective of somebody watching it on TV during an earthquake.

And lastly, note the Peacock label. It's all Gospel and has some of the most legendary gospel groups on it.