Saturday, July 11, 2009

Ray Fournia with the Rocking Rebels - You Done Me Wrong \ Settle Down

Google seems to have one single piece of information on this guy (and it helps): these are not the "Wild Weekend" Rocking Rebels.

So I have another mystery that maybe Google might one day solve: is Ray from New Orleans? Along the sides it mentions that Diamond Studios is of New Orleans and Biloxi...

Regardless, this is a 45 I've always wanted to put up but was never able to get a clean enough recording. While this is far from that, I got what I wanted. That is the B-Side without skipping.

The A-Side is the slow one, "You Done Me Wrong". Ray's vocals are good and strong throughout, but there's not too much going on here exciting I think.... so I just went ahead and kept the skipping towards the end.
Ray Fournia - You Done Me Wrong

THE B-SIDE HOWEVER... is not particularly inspired either, it's just different words to Money (That's what I want), but the vocals are great! It's not like we listen to Rock & Roll for originality anyway.
Ray Fournia - Settle Down

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alice said...

Ray is from Biloxi. My father-in-law was the sax player in the Rockin Rebels and played on that record.