Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Winners - Checkered Flag

The Winners are another of the many Crown Records surf/drag budget albums that (according to this blog) had Jerry Cole behind them. I love Jerry Cole dearly and at first the word "budget" seems a little unfair for this album, as it's all pretty competent and even has some songs that I'd call a lot of fun. But when considered alongside other Crown records budget releases (I found this alongside The Hot Rodders - Big Hot Rod (probably next up on this blog) and a few others), you'll find that they recycle songs from one album to the other. They're played differently, but it's pretty funny to see them attach so many different names to "Hey Bo Diddley". 

But if we take a look at what this album is, first I'd like to include the review from the flea market vendor who sold it to me (who had some pretty kickass old hot rod magazines too), "I think it's just a recording of a bunch of hot rod race track sounds". I knew he was wrong but I still thought "YESSSSSSSS". And sure enough, there's plenty of that interspersed throughout

We're looking at about half and half vocal and instrumental tracks. The vocal tracks, even though I've gained a pretty big love for hot rod vocals, are nothing special or even particularly funny. I think this album really gets fun right on the second side with "down lok", "up lok" and the real choice cut "Cops and Rodders". Three points to whoever can identify the real names of some of these, listening to all these Crown releases has kind of gotten me confused.

Side A:

  1. Drop That Flag
  2. Uptown Model A
  3. Big Boss Man
  4. Checkered Flag
  5. Stick Shiftin

Side B:

  1. Wind Her Up
  2. Runnin Second
  3. Down Lok
  4. Up Lok
  5. Cops and Rodders



1.FCN said...

many thanks for ripping & and converting this album. much more worth with the original album art, like it!!!

mike said...

Please re-up!

Anonymous said...

Just pulled this album out of storage, still plays great after owning it for 50 years.
My kids lover it, said it sounds like old beach music.