Friday, September 18, 2009

The Ziontones - Hope Ahead

A few things I like about The Ziontones:

  • Enthusiasm!
  • Clear funk influence. I mean clear as in "check out the Cissy Strut riff jacking on "Working for Jesus".
  • A little bit of everything: This hits funk gospel, foot-stompers, shouted sermon and even a little bit of a soulful heart jerker.
  • Despite its existence being pretty recognized, its lack of backstory details are as well, meaning I don't have to feel bad about my knowing nothing as usual
  • There's a lot of them! Look at it!

Most mentions will say that this is a great album. I think it's definitely a good album, but about 3/4 on the way to great. They've got the energy and they've got some fun bass playing, but the songs are always just shy of having the form and hooks that make a real monster. In fact, I think the most memorable track on here is the much more subdued closer "Somebody's Missing"

But I'll let you judge for yourself


Anonymous said...

Any idea where these guys were from? I'm trying to see whether they're a Mississippi group...

monique mo said...

they're from Hollywood Florida my dad was a member of the group