Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Dragsters - Hey Little Cobra + Drag City

And so here we have another surf/drag "budget" album, this time on Mercury Wing instead of Crown, which means possibly Davie Allan and/or Mike Curb involved rather than Jerry Cole. But the story's the same: the vocal tracks are throwaways, and the instrumentals are actually pretty great, particularly the two on side B.

For once allmusic is a little helpful on this one though mostly saying the same thing as alla this

Side A

  1. Hey Little Cobra
  2. Drag Strip
  3. Ferrarri II
  4. Go Little Tiger
  5. Jag XKE

Side B

  1. Drag City
  2. Super Charger
  3. Crazy Cobra
  4. Hot Rod Queen
  5. Sting Ray

Here it is. DO IT

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Christos said...

Great Surf vocal!!Please reup vocal surf from 60's to today!!Thanks a lot..