Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Fifty Golden Voices on Booker Records

If there's an easy route to New Orleans gospel collecting it's "if you see Booker Records grab it grab it grab it". Sometimes there's a hidden Charlie Jackson guitar in the background or another wonderful surprise and they can sell for who knows how much. Well, pretty sure there's no Charlie Jackson guitar on this one, and the recording's as lo-fi as Booker Records was ever known for.... especially my copy. If you think that cover looks beat up, I have the other side in the zip file: I don't know what two of the titles are.

I think for a lot of this you've got to be a pretty big gospel fan, but the last two tracks are pretty fun, so I'd say go for these and check out the full thing if you really want to.

Wasn't That A Mighty Day

I Am A Pilgrim

and of course, the full thing


Hunter said...

Brandonio, I know you're not losing any sleep over this, but I've got a gutpunch lined up for the next one

jdogg said...

Could you please re-up the link to this album? I really would like to hear this and chances of coming across an LP copy of it are slim, to say the least.