Monday, February 22, 2010

Dean Hightower - Twangy With A Beat

While I suppose the word "Twang" has deep love in the country music realm, I immediately think of Duane Eddy, and in general it seems to me that Duane's the aim right here. But they miss the mark, really, and fall more towards a Chet Atkins sound meets George Barnes. In fact, the more active songs on here are all written by George Barnes, though they all fall into the same "am I having fun or listening to the guitar player have fun?" traps that songs under the George Barnes name tend toward.

I'm not really sure what they're talking about with the "with a beat". I mean, this isn't free jazz here, but the whole thing proceeds at a mid-paced mosey; it's much more of a hang-out than a freak-out album. Still, if you're down for hangin' out, it's a pretty decent album.

Go ahead and get it right here


Anonymous said...

Just a big ripoff of Duane Eddy's massive popularity at the time. To see the words "Twangy" and "Guitar" on the front of an album cover could mean only one thing...Duane Eddy.
Cheap shot on the record label's part...too bad for Dean Hightower.

Anonymous said...

It actually is George Barnes playing, just under a fake name. Can anyone tell us if this is real or simulated stereo? thanks!

Alexandra Leh said...

Hi...I'm George Barnes' daughter, and can tell you the history of this album. It was a one-off for ABC-Paramount, who wanted to compete with Duane Eddy and -- knowing my father could play anything, which he did as a NYC studio musician -- asked him if he'd record something in that genre. He didn't want to associate his name with it, so took the pseudonym Dean Hightower as a joke. The name's a fake, but the stereo mix is real. Some people love this album -- but this is certainly not representative of his entire body of work! I recently launched THE GEORGE BARNES LEGACY COLLECTION, in case anyone here is interested in learning more about this jazz great and electric guitar pioneer: Cheers, Alexandra Barnes Leh

George Junkin said...

I dig this album. Duane Eddy too but this album rocks on its own.

Anonymous said...

Oh, is there any chance for an updated link? I'd love to hear this! :)